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Canadian PDGA Sanctioning aggreement


PDGA Tour Event Sanctioning Agreement
Office Use Only


Instructions: This agreement covers all PDGA Tour A B & C Tier events in Canada. CEP Event

Please complete and email this form to the PDGA Canada Manager at bhoeniger@pdga.com Insure

For more information on the PDGA Tour and Tier Standards please see

the Tour Standards document and the other TD resources found here: Paid

http://www.pdga.com/tdinfo/resources $

Name of Event:





SuperTour (A):

Is this a Competition Endowment Program (CEP) Event?


Is this a Super Class Event?



1st choice:

2nd choice:

Has the Provincial Coordinator pre-approved these dates (required for B & C tiers) ?


Event Location:

Please specify the location of the event for the calendar listing.





Other (please specify):

What is the maximum capacity of your event?

How many holes will be played in the event?

Is the event part of a points series where players are allowed to compete in a division for which they would normally

not be eligible? (Example: A player rated 940 competing in Intermediate.)


If yes please specify which series:

If you event will be hosting two distinct days for competition at same venues (Example: Intermediate and Recreational on Saturday, Pro

and Advanced players on Sunday) please specify below which divisions will be competing on each day.

Event Notes:

Please list any event notes below.


Tournament Directors (TDs): All TDs must be current members and certified officials.




Email address REQUIRED for receiving schedule confirmation and member emails!

Assistant Tournament Directors (ATDs): All Asst. TDs must be current members and certified officials.



Email address REQUIRED for receiving schedule confirmation and member emails!

Official Event Contact Info:

Please list the official contact information for the event below that you would like listed on pdga.com and in DiscGolfer Magazine.



Email address REQUIRED for receiving schedule confirmation and member emails!


TD Package: (Please note that Sanctioning Agreements must be received 30 days prior to the event in order to receive a TD Package via USPS)

TD Package documents are available online for your convenience at www.pdga.com/tdinfo.resources. You can help the environment

and reduce the cost of printing and postage by opting out of receiving a TD Package via USPS.

Please do not send a TD package:

Please send a TD package via USPS:

Local Conditions:

PDGA TDs will enforce the Rules of Play, the Competition Manual, and the Tour Standards. If there are any local

conditions regarding this event which would restrict the enforcement of any PDGA rule or the participation of an otherwise

eligible PDGA member, please provide details:

Proof of Insurance: Please check with all event facilites, parks, etc. for any insurance requirements. If your sanctioned event will

require a certificate of insurance there will be a $50 charge.

Will proof of insurance be required ?


If Yes, provide name of Host Club (required):

If Yes, do any other entities or individuals need to be listed as additional insured parties? If so please provide

details including the precise name and addres of any additional insured parties.

1 Name:



Contact Name:

2 Name:



Contact Name:

3 Name:



Contact Name:

Payment Check List:

1 Event Sanctioning Fee:

SuperTour $100, B Tier $75, C Tier $50, Super Class $25, CEP $50 (must be approved)


NOTE * Events with separate Pro and Am weekends must submit a sanctioning agreement and fee for each weekend.

* Events with Pros and Ams competing in different tiers on the same day(s) submit 1 agreement and pay the higher tier fee.

2 Certificate of Insurance (optional): $50 per weekend [Complimentary for SuperTours]


3 Certified Official's Test : $10 per test

E-Mail to:


TOTAL PAYMENT: US $, see payment options below

US $

As Tournament Director, I hereby accept the terms of the PDGA Tour Sanctioning Agreement and agree to the following points

listed below. Please initial each of the following points and sign below.

Agree to follow and enforce the Official Rules of Disc Golf, Competition Manual, and Tour Standards. If any provision

of these documents is unacceptable I shall contact the Tour Manager and request a waiver

Agree to enforce the PDGA policy on the use of alcohol or illegal substances. (See Section 3.3 of the Competition Manual)

Agree that as TD I will be a current member of the PDGA in good standing and a certified official well before the start of the event

Agree to ensure that each player competes in an official division for which they are eligible, based on class (Pro, Amateur, Junior),

age, gender, and player ratings. See the Divisions, Ratings & Point Factors Table for more information.

Agree that for all SuperTour (A Tier) events, only PDGA current members will be allowed to compete, regardless of division.

If a player in question does not provide proof of membership (membership card, soft card, or name on the list of current

members provided by the PDGA office) that annual dues will be collected before the player is allowed to participate.

Agree that for B and C Tier events, all non-current or non-PDGA members (with the exception of those competing in a Youth

or Junior division) will only be allowed to compete upon payment of a $10 fee in lieu of membership. This $10 fee does not entitle

the player to the calculation of points or the assignment of a player rating.

New players who pay the $10 fee are eligible to receive a Supporting Level Membership with the PDGA. These players are

still required to pay the non-member fee at all PDGA sanctioned events until becoming a full member. TDs are

encouraged to hand out a supporting member information card (included in TD packages and available online) and/or direct

these players to supporting.pdga.com.

Agree to fill in and distribute the Soft Membership Card provided in the TD package to players who pay their annual PDGA dues

at the event.

Agree to pay a minimum of 40% of the Pro field and a minimum of 45% of the Am field as per the pay tables.

Agree to email the TD report via email to tourmgr@pdga.com within the deadlines specified in the Tour Standards. If a TD is unable

to submit results electronically he/she should ensure that this key task is assigned to an assistant TD or local club member with

the necessary skills. The PDGA will receive handwritten results at an additional charge of $25.

Agree to submit all fees (sanctioning, insurance, player, membership, etc.) to the PDGA within the specified time frame

as outlined in the Tour Standards.

Agree to submit two TD reports when you have a two day event with different divisions competeing on each day.

Agree to provide the individual Pro cash and retail value of Amateur/Junior merchandise won in the Scores worksheet of the TD report.

Agree that the tournament director and sponsoring organization understand that it is their responsibility to comply with all local, state and federal laws.

By entering my electronic signature below I certify that this information is accurate and can be used for the purpose of processing

Signature of Tournament Director


After completing the agreement:

1. Make a copy for your records.

2. Send the agreement to the PDGA:

Email the document as an attached file to the PDGA Canada Manager at bhoeniger@pdga.com

3. Methods of Payments: Send funds in Canadian Dollars

- by PayPal to bdhflg@rogers.com

- by check or money order payable to "PDGA" and mailed to the PDGA Canada office address as shown below.

The PDGA will list your event as fully sanctioned on the official Tour Calendar when this agreement and the fees have both been received and

will also publish a copy of the Tour Calendar in an approved PDGA Magazine. Upon receipt of your completed electronic TD report,

the PDGA will publish official results at www.pdga.com as well as include your event in player and tour statistics when applicable.

PDGA Canada office address:

Questions ? Please contact:

c/o Brian Hoeniger

Brian Hoeniger, PDGA Canada Manager

Dave Gentry, PDGA Tour Manager

5 Dacotah Ave

E-mail: bhoeniger@pdga.com

OR E-mail: tourmgr@pdga.com

Toronto, ON M5J 2E4

Phone: (416) 203-0912

Phone: (706) 261-6342

Thank you and good luck with your PDGA Tour Event !

V1.2 Canada 1/10/10