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Quebec Disc Golf Tour

The Professional Disc Golf Association is a non profit organization dedicated to the promotion and management of the sport of disc golf. The PDGA’s goal is to provide you, a valued member, with the high caliber events and services that will ensure your enjoyment and continued support for many years to come. Your membership will assist in building the game, the association, the Tour. Find out more at PDGA.com
Now entering our 8th year of organized activity, the Quebec branch of the PDGA continues to assist in the development of courses and promotion of the sport of Disc Golf.  Goals for 2015 are to continue to further course development, assist in

the development of the Quebec Disc Golf Tour and expand the networking of 
players and Disc Golf enclaves in the province. 

Congratulations Dario Ré
Provincial Champion 2014
Félicitation Pat Huot 
QDGT Champion 2014  
photo: Domain de Rouville
Open - Pat Huot
Advanced 1 - Jake Brennan
Amateur 2 - F. - Stéphanie Lavoie
Amateur 2 - Felix Saura
Junior - Charles Blanchette

Open - Pat Huot
Am1 - Paulo Cesar
Am1 F Sylvie Pétrin
Am2 - Richard Sauvé
Junior - Charles Blanchette