Smaller-A poem about Parkinsons (World Parkinson's Congress)
Andy McDowell was diagnosed with early onset PD in December, 2009, age 43. He wrte the poem "Smaller" for his children - to help them unerstand what was happening to him. The defining message being that whilst Parkinson's has forever changed him - and the body inhabits- he's still his own man.
Our goal is:
  •  Awareness of Parkinson’s disease.
  •  Support to people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers.

We do this by:

  • organizing a Parkinson's cafe.

  • Attending the annualy Lion Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair

  • Making a list with professionals who are specialized on Parkinson's disease.
    Professionals like a, neurologist, fysiotheapist, speech therapist, ocupational therapist, nurse
What can you do to help the foundation

  • Become a volunteer
  • Donate to the Foundation
  • Support the Foundation