HARU PDF library wrapper and PDF Listener classes 

Free PDF classes for Visual Foxpro 

Download Haru PDF wrapper and PDF Listener class

I designed these classes about one and half years ago as a project on my last workplace.
All the classes in this site are free to use, no payments of any kind are required, but you can donate some money to support future development of these classes, if you want and you can.

There are two classes available:

Haru PDF library wrapper, the low level wrapper, which support almost all features of the Haru PDF library. Features:

  1. Generating PDF files with lines, text, images.
    supports rotated text and images, various styles of text formatting and alignment , scaling, skewing, rotating images and text, char and word spacing settings
  2. Outline, hyperlinks, annotations .
    supports Outline, Table of Contents, hyperlinks to external sites
  3. Compressing document with deflate-decode.
  4. Embedding PNG, Jpeg images.
  5. Embedding Type1 font and TrueType font.
  6. Creating encrypted PDF files.
    supports permissions (copy,print) and encryption. Encryption method can be specified
  7. Various character sets
  8. Can be compiled as COM object
  9. Error messages support, in .ErrorMsg property

    Check test suite prgs to see various samples and output

PDF Listener class, the Listener class implementation. Features:

  1. Based on UpdateListener class with the nice Carlos Alloati progressbar class
  2. Very fast PDF output, almost as fast as native rendering
  3. Font substitution through PDFFONT: directive in page header user data ( can use nativ Adobe PDF fonts instead, avoiding font embedding ). Example:
    PDFFONT:Times New Roman=Times-Roman
  4. Limited support for underline / strikethrough, only one line text objects
  5. Support for lines, shapes, ellipses, rounded rectangles, color filled shapes
  6. All types of images, images of other format than jpg/png are converted to jpg and included in pdf output

    - can use only true type fonts with font file present
    - no clipping for images
    - no support for text and images rotation ( is possible as future improvment, because is supported at wrapper level )
    - no support for hyperlinks ( supported only in wrapper )

Possible future improvements:
    - Table of contents for groups/subgroups
    - Text and object rotattion/scaling/skewing