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        -- 10/04/2017  --   With David Gesbert, we organize a Special Session on "Machine Learning fo Communication Networks" at the ISWCS'17 conference in the stupendous city of Bologna. We will investigate how Machine Learning could revolution future networks as it already did in so many other fields. More information on the special session can be found on the following link:

        -- 07/03/2017  -- We are actively looking for high achieving students desiring to work in Optimization, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and/or Information Theory. We have position for Master Thesis and Phd thesis.

        -- 07/03/2017  --With prof. David Gesbert, we are giving a plenary talk at the Summer School on Spectrum Aggregation and Sharing for 5G Networks (SSSAS5G), organized at EURECOM the 17-19 October:


        -- 19/08/2017  -- I am visiting for three weeks the university of Princeton, to work with Prof. Poor and Prof. Cuff. Investigating information theoretic limits..

  • I presented our works at the Nokia Bell Labs, Murray Hill on the 18th of August.
  • I will present our work on delayed CSIT at ITW 2016, Cambridge in September 2016. 


  • David Gesbert and I are organizing a special session at the EUSIPCO conference in NICE on the topic of "Algorithms for distributed coordination and learning". update: 15/01/2015
  • David Gesbert and I organize a special session at EUSIPCO on the topic of "Algorithms for distributed coordination and learning". update: 15/01/2015


  • David Gesbert and I will present next may a tutorial in ICC 2015 in the . Our tutorial is entitled "Device-centric Cooperative wireless networks:Theorey and applications in 5G and beyond". update: 15/01/2015
  • David Gesbert and I will present next may a tutorial in ICASSP 2014 in the very nice city of Florence. Our tutorial is entitled "Transmitter Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Potential and Challenges". An abstract can be found here


  • I have defended my PhD thesis with success on the 17th December 2013 at Eurecom. The title of the dissertation is "Transmitter Cooperation with Distributed Feedback in Wireless Networks" and the slides of the presentation can be found here:
  • In february 2013, we published an overview article in the Wireless Communications Magazine. The title of the article is "CSI Sharing Strategies for transmitter cooperation in wireless networks". It provides a high level overview on the question of imperfect and imperfectly shared channel state information (CSI) in wireless networks.

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