Offering Teachers Choice

What is Eagle University?

As opposed to ‘sit and get’ faculty meetings, teachers will guide their own professional practice.  Faculty meetings will still occur but only when absolutely needed with information that is best suited for everyone.  Instead, teachers will choose from the Eagle University course offerings.  This will provide teachers with choice in their professional learning. 

What are the requirements?

-                      Each Owings Mills teacher will sign up for Eagle University via the BCPS                            continuing Professional Development Portal.

-                      Teacher will look through the catalog and choose options for their professional               learning throughout the year.

-                         Each teacher will work towards 15 OMUs.’

        o       OMUs = Owings Mills Units

        o   Must be completed by Friday May 1st

-                        Each teacher will write a reflection on how their choices throughout the year                   affected their practice

             There will be a mandatory 3 credit reflection on the Eagle University process.

-                      Each teacher will receive 1 MSDE credit

        o   15 OMU’s = 1 CPD/MSDE credit

What are the Benefits?

-                  Professional development targeted at  specific needs

-                  Shorter faculty meetings

-                  More time for professional duties

-                  Earn CPD/MSDE credits throughout the year

-                  Work towards higher pay

-                  Provides clear documentation for Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities