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SPECIAL EDITION from 21st to 23rd May 2015

Meeting of participants of PROMECE in Ciudad Real in May  PDA Project (PROMECE)

Teachers and students from CEPA Las Palmas Ciudad Alta, EPA Plus Ultra from Logroño and CEPA Montes Norte from Piedrabuena meet in Ciudad Real next 21st, 22nd and 23rd May 2015.

In the meeting, information about this Autonomous Community will be presented from the survey and investigation about the topic, developed by students from the schools involved in this Project.

New resources and digital sites will be used for the presentations of these contents in order to contribute to the improvement of the academic results and the development of key competences.

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History of Ciudad Real shown in digital

The most relevant facts of the history of the capital of the province are shown in a digital time line.

The introduction of this section is carried out by an avatar created with the free application Tellagami, which we can consider as a most valuable resource to improve the development of key competences for all the educative levels.



Natural wealth: flora and fauna of Ciudad Real

A brief tour around the province lets any visitor be surprised and fall in love with its landscapes and its natural heritage.

Cultural and artistic heritage of Ciudad Real

We visit the municipalities most related to the Quixote route. It is a brief tour around the province which lets any visitor be surprised and fall in love with its landscapes and natural heritage.

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Section dedicated to celebrities of Ciudad Real.  The better  interview to the most famous people in La Mancha.

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Population drops in the whole Castilla La Mancha

The analysis of the updated data of the population of the Autonomous Community of Castilla la Mancha, the province of Ciudad Real and its capital town, shows a similar tendency to the fall of the population, as observed since 2012 in the majority of Spanish Autonomous Communities.

Service sector keeps on prevailing in the economy of Ciudad Real

Production data of Ciudad Real shows that the tertiary sector keeps on being the most important one.

Virtual exhibition of gastronomy, festivals and traditions
Dishes and products of Ciudad Real costumes, festivals and folklore, are presented in a digital displays.
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Summary and evaluation of the participants on the work done.

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