A Message from Your Superintendent, Dr. Doug Schuch

Professional Development for Me

In an effort to allow you to plan with the tools we encourage you to use in your classroom, we have designated today, August 8, as time by yourself, with colleague(s), collaborative teams, or any other group to plan for your classroom/your collaboration using the following links that directly relate to personalizing learning in your classroom.  You may choose from a variety of sources below, and all that we ask is for you to use this time to incorporate personalized learning in your plans for your learners and then complete the Exit Ticket below at step #5.  

Learner Outcomes for Today’s Professional Learning  - It’s all about YOU and the tools YOU would like to learn more about.

Objective for the day:

Today I will have the opportunity to participate in professional learning that meets my personal needs as an educator so that I can have a greater impact on my students. I’ll know when it has been effective when I can incorporate today’s learning into my professional practice and my students achieve more.  

Step 1:       In order to best facilitate your personal learning needs, 
consider the following:
  • Am I teaching new content or a new course this year?
  • Are there new initiatives in my building this year? Are there sustained initiatives about which I still have questions?
  • To improve academic performance in my classroom, I’d like to learn more about______ .
  • Would it best serve my needs to explore these topics collaboratively with others in my building?
  • Do I have a collaborative teaching partner working with me this year? a special education teacher? an ITRT? a reading specialist? a library media specialist? an elective teacher? a general education teacher? a paraprofessional? a principal?

Step 2:   Review general resources about Personalized Learning below to get ideas about incorporation into your own lesson plans.     

Personalized Learning in General Resources

Step 3: (Consider the following Essential Questions or others):

  1. Which flipped classroom models do you think you could implement?
  2. How do I personalize without computers?
  3. What instructional resources would you need to be successful in implementing the personalized classroom models?
  4. What do I need (resources, ideas) to personalize learning for students?
  5. How can personalized learning be used to instruct and assess an increased level of rigor?
  6. How can adaptive learning be effectively incorporated in your math classroom instruction?
  7. How can inquiry-based learning enhance instruction in your classroom?
  8. How can inquiry-based learning increase student engagement?
  9. How can personalized learning enhance instruction in your classroom?
  10. How can personalized learning increase student engagement?
  11. How can Thinking Maps enable choice and voice?

Step 4: Choose a topic(s) below to research and add to your classroom to help insure you are personalizing learning for your students.

Empowering Learner Choice 
and Voice Resources
  • To succeed in today’s digital world—and in the future—all learners need accessible, leveled content-area information and interactive, personalized learning tools. A powerful digital curriculum, Expert Space (Grades 4-12 only) transforms the way all students access and deepen content-area knowledge, plan and complete projects and assignments, and develop 21st century information literacy skills…anytime…anywhere. Expert Space Informational Video. If you have not created your own Expert Space account, click here.
  • With NBC Learn you can create a personalized learning experience for your students. Engage students with over 16,000 interactive video lessons spanning all curriculum areas. Log in to NBC Learn while on the BCPS server and create your own account.
  • Discover the power of Thinking Maps! These visual patterns, based on the 8 cognitive levels of thinking, provide teachers with a consistent set of tools to meet the needs of ALL LEARNERS. Students are able to personalize their educational experience by choosing the Map based on their learning needs to organize information and bring clarity to their learning.
Removing Learner Obstacles of Pace 
and Place Resources

Step 5: Complete the following Post Activity/Exit Ticket: