Editable Swahili-English Dictionary

Cobbled together by Bob Beretta, RPCV, TZ, 2004-2005

The RTF version is editable, so you can add your own favorite Swahili words, definitions, and examples.  Also, if you edit the RTF and send it back to me I'll pull your changes into the next version.  The PDF version is not editable, but it's useful for mobile devices that can't view the RTF.

These documents are computer-generated from a Swahili database, so if you submit additions or corrections they will be incorporated into that database.  Also, feel free to suggest formatting or overall layout improvements because I can make sweeping changes quite easily by changing the program that generates these documents.

I also posted a local archive of the TUKI Eng-Swa and Swa-Eng dictionaries below.  This archive is simply a complete copy of the online TUKI located at http://kess.co.tz/index_3.html.  It's nice because you might not always have internet...

To download copies, click on the links below.
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