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ONET Test Prep

ONET - Ordinary National Education Test

The Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) is administered annually by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service to grade 6 (P6), grade 9 (M3) and grade 12 (M6) students in public and private schools. The O-NET is a high-stake and mandatory examination. The final score which determines promotion to the next grade is based on the O-NET score and the score obtained on school-based assessments held during the academic year; the O-NET contributes 20% and school-based assessments contribute 80% of the final score. In the near future, the O-NET will contribute 50% of the final score.

Pratom 6

David Barron (122) wrote this practice test with the help of his co-teacher. It's close to the sample English section his school already had, but it contains "fewer stupid errors." See "ONET_B6_David.pdf" attached to this page.

For Pratom 6, also see this document posted by Ellie.


Pre-/Post-Test M1 [Laura 125]

Preparing students for standardized tests.

Not all of the practice tests on this page are described in the text. You can just skip to the bottom where the attachments are. The file names are self-explanatory

Matayom 1 Self Study

Carol Thornell (123) wrote these ONET-style questions using content from her M1 textbook. See "ONET_M1_SelfStudy" attached to this page.

Matayom 3 + 6 Practice Questions

These questions were written by Jeannine (123) and her counterpart after they looked at previous ONET tests and national curriculum indicators. These were submitted to the SESAO to be used as practice for M3 and M6 in other schools too. See "ONET_M3+M6_practice.  Ellie also developed review tests for M3 and M6.

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The files below are the same as the online ones above, but are on Google Drive.

ONET 2552

ONET 2553.1

ONET 2553.2