• Handbooks, Manuals, etc.

    • TCCS

      • Teaching English section of the wiki
      • site run by Chris [125]
      • Teaching English - site run by Jim [126]
      • Special Education links:
        • IRIS Resource Locator Mike [127]
          The tabs that would be most beneficial are:
          • Behavior and Classroom Management
          • Collaboration
          • Differentiated instruction
          • Accommodations
          • Reading, Literacy, Language Arts
    • YinD

    Apps, Programs, Software

    NOTE: Because we know PCVs are always stretching their money, all the programs listed are legally FREE unless noted otherwise.

    T4D Flash Drive Toolkit: The Toolkit links will help Volunteers by providing a standardized baseline of resources -- providing updated virus protection software, educational games for youth, Peace Corps recipe books, and productivity applications. Maintained by Peace Corps T4D in Washington will help you install or update multiple Windows apps. Very simple: No toolbars. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and click Get Installer.


    • Word Viewer: View, print and copy MS Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed on your Windows computer.
    • LibreOffice is a powerful FREE office suite that embeds several applications: Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, our drawing and flowcharting application, Base, our database and database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics.
    • Calibre - ebook manager, also converts file formats


    • Gimp - image file editor (mac, windows)
    • - image file editor (windows)


    • Switch - audio file converter (mac, windows)
    • Anything2MP3 - youtube or soundcloud to mp3


    • Camstudio - screen capture (windows)
    • Screen Recorder - screen capture (windows)
    • Camtasia - screen capture (mac, windows)
    • Quicktime - screen capture built in (mac)
    • VLC - all-purpose media player, works with nearly all file types with options to add subtitle files
    • YTD - YouTube (and other sites, too) downloader and video converter
    • Keepvid - video downloader
    • Save From Net - another downloader for video and image files
    • - name pretty much says it all (Thai subs for movies in non-Thai languages)
      • see also: - converts subs from the above site from .ssa to .srt
    • Subscene - for subs in many languages for movies in many languages

    File Compression

    File Conversion

    • - converts almost any type of file (sound, video, text, image, etc.) from one format to another, and it's web-based, so no more worries about which OS you're using

    File Transfer

    • WeTransfer - send up to 2 Gig worth of files FREE
    • MailBigFile - send up to 5 files FREE
    • Filezilla - multiplatform and free
    • Transmit - Mac only and last version (Transmit 4) was $34 but loaded with features
    • WinSCP - If you do Windows

    File Storage

    • - online backup, unlimited storage, $5/mo
    • - webservice/app automator for dropbox, google drive, and box
    • Dropbox - online file storage and sharing, 2GB free
    • Google Drive - same as above but 15GB free
    • Box - again, pretty much same as above but 10GB free

    File Sharing

    • Transmission - reliable torrent client with decent features
    • uTorrent - some claim it's the most popular torrent client out there

    Online Applications

      • Slideshow creation

    • Sites 

    • Vendors


    Many PCVs can download electronic books through their library back home. But if you need things to add to your ebook reader, here are links to 'legal' sites to download PDFs and other ebook formats.
    • BookBub alerts you to limited-time free & discounted ebooks matching your interests. It's free to join, you can read on any device, and the books are yours to own. [Chris, 127]
    • Riffle Select alerts you to limited-time free & deeply discounted ebooks matching your interests. [Skylar, 126]
    • 1-day Free Kindle Book Deals... Every Day. eBookDaily emails you the best 1-day $0 Kindle book freebies, personalized for you every day. Each ebook is free for 1 day only. [Skylar, 126]