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All projects that include health topics (e.g. sex, PHA groups, nutrition, family workshops, pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, healthy lifestyles, dental hygiene, anti-drugs/alcohol, etc.)

HIV/AIDS Dictionary (but also includes lots of general health/medical terms)


Projects helping to spread awareness about various diseases such as breast cancer and HIV/AIDS

Drugs and Alcohol

Projects educating the community about drugs and alcohol

Fitness and Nutrition

Teach your community healthy eating habits as well as the importance of exercise.

Free Medical Supplies

Medwish is an organization that several PCVs in Thailand have used to get free medical supplies for their local health clinics and hospitals.


Projects relating to personal hygiene, such as hand washing and dental hygiene.

Ovitraps and Dengue Prevention

Learn how to make Ovitraps to effectively reduce mosquito populations!

Sexual Awareness

Thai youth learn very little about sex education. Help the community feel more comfortable about sex education with these projects.

The Mural Project

Create a mural to educate the community on different health issues.