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All projects that are located within the natural environment that focuses on natural elements (such as water, dirt, fire, air, plants, animals) and/or the effect of unnatural influences (such as trash, chemicals, humans destroying said natural elements) and ways to combat those unnatural influences (e.g. recycle centers, trash pick-ups, trash burning workshops, trail building, environmental camps, etc.)

50 Environmental Acts

Try one, try them all! Get excited about Earth Day (April 22nd) by showing your community that you care for the earth.


Projects as well as pastime ideas relating to gardening, reforestation, etc.

Animal Projects

Interested in Animals? Find projects about rabies vaccinations, neutering, etc. here.

Environmental Education

Easy lessons for you to use to teach about the environment or integrate English into your environmental project.

Environmental Organizations

Organizations to help you educate your community about the environment.


Learn how to recycle in your community!

Pollution Awareness and Prevention

Learn how to recycle in your community!