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Teacher Trainings

                         Full Circle English                   Three Peas Teacher Training

                           Full Circle English                                          Three Peas Training
                            • PESAO area teachers                                    • Peer Center area teachers
                            • Focused teacher training                                • Observations between trainings
                            • Observation and feedback                              • Local network of professionals
                            • Most beneficial with a cluster                          • Provides valuable time to practice
  Satellite Teaching     
Cascade English Teacher Training

                       Satellite Teaching                                           Cascade English

                             • Nearby schools                                              • District teachers
                             • Short visits                                                     • 2 day training

                             • Flexible                                                          • Observe -->
                             • Needs of the school                                        Pre English camp

Check out these links for ideas on how to run a teacher training at YOUR site!

Teacher Training from Charles B in 124 focusing on conversational English such as buying a ticket and going to the market.

Conversational English Teacher Training

English Teacher Network

How to create an English Teacher Network, step by step.

English in Multiple Subjects-One Day Teacher Training

One day teacher training integrating English into other subjects.

JM's Matayeom Teacher Training

Active lessons for a high school teacher training.

Lesson Plans for Teachers, Principals and ESAO Officials