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Don't drop the ball! Arrange your Absentee Ballot!


Voting Overseas is a three step process:

  1. Register to Vote/Request a Ballot
  2. Receive Your Ballot in the Mail & Complete It
  3. Return Your Ballot

STEP ONE: Register to Vote & Request a Ballot

  • You must register to vote and request an absentee ballot to vote abroad.
  • The Department of State recommends that all U.S. voters residing abroad request absentee ballots from their local election officials at the start of each calendar year, and whenever there is a change of address, change of e-mail address, or change of name, by completing and sending in aFederal Post Card Application (FPCA).
  • To locate information on your state's requirements, and to obtain an on-line version of the FPCA, please visit www.fvap.gov
  • Please note that voting procedures will vary for every PCV depending on their state and county of residency.
  • When you complete your FPCA:
  • Please put your Home of Record address in the US in Box 3 “My Voting Address”
  • Please put your address at your site address in Box 4A “Where to Send My Ballot”
  • Once you complete your FPCA, place it in an envelope addressed to your local election board and bring or send it DMOFrankat the Peace Corps office.
  • The website for determining the address of your local election board is [1]
  • FPCAs will be gathered and sent to HQ, which will mail them on your behalf.
  • US postage will be paid by Peace Corps. PCVs need only submit the required documents in an addressed envelope.

STEP TWO: ReceiveYourBallot in the Mail & Complete It

  • For all general, special, and primary elections, states are required to mail out ballots at least45 days prior to an election.
  • Most states will send paper ballots, though some new procedures allow states to send ballots via fax or email.
  • Once you receive your ballot, fill it in according to the accompanying instructions.
  • In the event that you request but do not receive your absentee ballot,you should complete the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) and send it back to local election officials in time for it to be counted. An on-line version of the FWAB, together with instructions for its use, is available at www.fvap.gov

STEP THREE: Return Your Ballot

  • Peace Corps will return your ballot on your behalf. Once you have completed your ballot, please bring or send it toFrank.
  • Once you complete your ballot, place it in an envelope addressed according to the instructions received with your ballot and bring or send it to DMO Frankat the Peace Corps office.
  • Ballots will be gathered and sent to HQ, which will mail them on your behalf.
  • US postage will be paid for by Peace Corps. PCVs need only to submit the required documents in an addressed envelope.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? ContactFrank. Comprehensive Information Regarding Voting is collected online at [2].

Voting Online in Primaries

An article from the Associated Press reports that Democrats living abroad can have their votes counted electronically in this primary season, thanks to Democrats Abroad. Republicans Abroad cannot, alas offer this same deal.

The article: Americans Abroad Can Now Vote Online

The referenced group: Democrats Abroad

Voting While Abroad - Resources & Services

  • Overseas Vote Foundation - You can register, request absentee ballots, and look up local election officials on this website. John Robertson 119 and Ren Nelson AO recommend this site.
  • Democrats Abroad
  • [Vote From Abroad http://www.votefromabroad.org/]: A one-stop shop for voting in internet primaries AND registering for an absentee ballot in general elections