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Health and Fitness

This section of the wiki is dedicated to everything health and fitness related for the Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer. This could range from information about general health in Thailand to fitness categories and resources.

Many of us find it a balancing act to maintain a healthy lifestyle or sustain one while we serve abroad for two years. This section of the wiki aims to alleviate concerns you may have about exercising or maintaining a healthy diet in The Land of Smiles, as well as Land of Sugar, Saturated Oils and Heat Indexes that would scare any mammal into hiding. Please help by contributing anything that has helped you maintain your health or or information that you've found useful while serving in Thailand.


Thailand is a pretty good place to run, or even start a running program because you can run year-round. That is if you can get up early enough to beat the heat. A lot of PCVs take up running during their service - some for exercise, and many compete in the local 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathons. There's even a few ultramarathoners - crazy! So, whether you're just getting started or already a seasoned runner, we've got the info for you.


    Yoga For Peace. As a PCV you get free access to yogadownload.com. Just email your name to help@yogadownload.com. Note, you will get access quicker if you also attach proof that you are a Peace Corps volunteer (acceptance letter, etc.) Yoga For Peace Web Site


Running is good for cardio and yoga is good for flexibility and balance, but to really round out your exercise, you should include some strength workouts. But because you live in the village, with little or no equipment available, try these to get those six-pack abs you always wanted. If you want to find more than we have here, Google these terms and you'll find a ton more out there.
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Mar 28, 2017, 10:45 PM