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Jobs after Peace Corps

You're finishing out Peace Corps service, and you've decided to go get "a real job," whatever that means. How should you go about doing that? We have some basics on the wiki, but by all means feel free to Google the following topics for more information as well.

Cover Letters

Need help writing a cover letter? We've got you covered.

Finding a Job - Listings

No matter how great your resume looks, it won't actually provide you with employment until you submit it to a company that's hiring. We've compiled a list of websites that compile lists of jobs. Also, don't forget that your Peace Corps service qualifies you for a year of federal non-competitive eligibility.


After two years of having to explain yourself in Thai, interviewing will be easy, right? Unfortunately, back in America no one cares if you can eat sticky rice or spicy food, and they're generally not allowed to ask your age or marital status. Take a look at tips (and related links) for the interview process.

Negotiating a Job Offer

You found a great job, submitted your resume (with a terrific cover letter), had a great interview, and now you're hoping for an offer of employment. Now it's time to negotiate.

Non-Competitive Eligibility

Most Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) have a small advantage over the general public when searching for a Government job: non-competitive eligibility (NCE).

Writing a Resume

You had to turn in some form of resume just to apply for Peace Corps, but is it up to snuff for the jobs you're looking to get? Use the resume checklist to see how yours stacks up, or write a new one. And don't forget to play up the number of hours you spent in training.