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Awesome, you found us! And we are super excited that you're coming to Thailand soon. Below you'll find items that PC staff wanted you to have easy access to. This will also introduce you to the Thailand PCV maintained wiki - your go-to resource.

PS. Until you swear in, you have full access to everything in the wiki except the PCV Committee pages. Those pages have contact information so they are kept private until you swear in and are given permission for access. But don't worry, the bulk of the site is so full of info, it will be coming out your ears before you board your plane headed for the "land of smiles."

Here are some things that the PC Thailand staff thought you might find helpful before heading to staging:

Other Suggestions

Finding Places to Learn Thai

In the late 1960s, missionary monks from Thailand went to North America to promote Thai Buddhism. Since then, more than 75 temples have been established where community members can practice meditation, participate in religious ceremonies, celebrate Thai holidays, and in some cases, eat Thai food and study Thai language. Some temples located closer to urban centers where there is a larger concentration of Thai immigrants and second generation Thai-Americans, offer Thai language classes on the weekends. The temples in Berkeley and Los Angeles are examples of locations where Thai language classes are offered. RPCVs who want to remain connected to Thailand and members of the general public interested in meditation and Thai culture, including learning Thai, can use this site as a reference: Directory