Hi everyone! T4D revamped the wiki and it's new home is over at pcthailand.org
Come check out the new site. 

Welcome to the PC Thailand Wiki!

The Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer Website is designed as a place for volunteers to keep helpful information and to prevent each new volunteer from having to “reinvent the wheel” during their service.

Many projects done by PCT volunteers over the years have been archived here for use by volunteers today and in the future, as well as a wide range of other information useful to the volunteer serving in Thailand.

If you come across these or anything else that needs fixing, please let us know: pcthaiict@gmail.com.

If you're a PCV and have stuff you want to put here, but don't know how, see our handy Wiki tutorials.

A Quick Hello from Your T4D Committee

Hey ya'll! The Technology for Development Committee (T4D), wanted to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer website. T4D is composed of tech-savvy PCVs that assist PC Thailand with any and all technology related activities, whether they are personal such as computer issues, or project related such as technology transfer to your counterparts and community. 

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