Roots and Reef

Roots and Reef is PCSD's newsletter (produced in conjunction with South Coast Citizens for Sustainable Development). 

Newsletter content is developed by PCSD and SCCSD volunteers and concentrates primarily on events affecting southern Belize. 

Copies of the newsletter are attached below.
  (Please note that Google is automatically compressing the pdf, which has resulted in some headline distortion in the copy published below.)
  • Feature articles for the February 2010 edition include:
    • Cruise Ships in South Belize (page 1)
    • Marina Scandal (page 2)
    • Crimson Capers (page 2)
    • Jamaicans We're Watching You (page 3)
    • Charlie Leslie, a Thinking Fisherman (page 4)
    • Southern Dam Update (page 4)
  • Feature articles for the December 2009 edition include:
    • Jamaicans Go Home (page 1)
    • Blessing of the Placencia Lagoon (page 2)
    • Forest Reserve under Attack by Developers (page 3)
    • Interview with Vincent Lopez (page 4)
    • Tourism Industry Threatens Garifuna Villages in Honduras (page 4)
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Feb 14, 2010, 7:50 AM
Mary Toy,
Dec 30, 2009, 2:57 PM