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Laru Beya (marina)

The Belize Department of the Environment approved 13 residential lots and a boat docking facility for 6.335 acres of land on the Placencia Lagoon by approval letter dated 4 October 2006. 

DOE gave PCSD a copy of this letter, but did not include the attachment that would have provided the plan for the lots and the number of slips in the "boat docking facility." (It's not a marina in Belize unless it has fuel pumps.)

Conditions of DOE's approval include:
  • Use of sediment curtains where canal exits into Lagoon;

  • All excavated materials used solely for filling (no sale of fill);

  • Sides of the inlet and docking canal to have a slope of 1:3 (vertical:horizontal);

  • Native plants (hopefully mangrove) to be replanted along the edges of the canal to control erosion;

  • Measures must be put into place to prevent stagnation and promote flushing within the boat docking facility; and

  • Sewage waste disposal to be through use of cast concrete and steel floated septic tank system with adequately designed gray water gardens to be planted with vegetation of high absorptive capacity and/or transpiration rates.
Mary Toy,
Apr 6, 2009, 2:56 PM