Summer Program

Summer Rowing June 24th - August 9th

Summer is such a fantastic time to row; air and water temperatures are warm, the days are long and there is often little to no wind - perfect conditions for rowing. We have a wide range of options for all skill levels: sweep and/or sculling and differing times of day. 

We have competitive programs, skill-building programs, Learn To Row programs and even Introduction to Rowing clinics.

This year's schedule is very different from previous years and the emphasis is on training rather than competition. We have two scheduled regattas in the summer schedule, I.D.R. (for Race School session) and Philly Youth (for Race School and High Performance).

Sign-ups go live at noon, Monday March 18th.

Experienced Rowers
We have 4 program choices for experienced rowers (anyone with at least one full season of on-water rowing).

Race School : M/T/Th/F  6:45 am - 8:30 am.  Cost $450. (includes race fees, NOT hotel fees)
This program is reserved for Varsity rowers.
Races include I.D.R. in Philadelphia (July 5 - 7), and Philly Youth regatta (7/20).
Athletes responsible for transport. We will organise hotel accommodation for IDR.

High Performance : M/T/Th/F 8:15 am - 10:00 am. Cost $425 (includes race fee)
This program is for our younger varsity, current novice,  or varsity who want a sleep in!
The only scheduled race for this group is Philly Youth regatta, 7/20.

Smooth Sculling : M/W/F 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Cost $350 / $250 (if also signed up for a morning session)
This program is specifically about developing your sculling skills. The morning sessions will predominantly be sweep focussed.
Being able to scull well dramatically improves your sweep rowing skills and opens many more opportunities to race for PCRA at the highest level during our regular season. 
This program is suited to all ages.

Development Camp : T/W/Th 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Cost $365
The development program is aimed toward rowers who have recently graduated from our spring Learn to Row class, as well as novice rowers who cannot make morning sessions

New Rowers
Check out our Learn to Row and Introduction to Rowing classes here.

We have a fantastic coaching staff lined up for the summer, which includes our current coaching staff and returning collegiate rowers. This is such a great time to be rowing at PCRA. We have a talented and committed coaching staff, backed by a supportive and visionary Board, which is working hard to expand our fleet of shells, oars and safety equipment to ensure that your rowers have the very best opportunity available.

I put our summer rowing program up against the best of any of the "College Sleep Away Rowing Camps." It will truly be a remarkable summer.