"Fresh ideas needs nurturing to grow well." (Projects)

Section: Projects

- Ad hoc and permanent projects

I support / use - in the wide sense of the word, the software listed here: CS4NP

I have an interest in the following:
Python: [http://docs.python.org/tutorial/]
C++: (link, which one?)
and Java:  Since they are so strong compared to Lazarus and Lisp =:^(
Eclipse:  [eclipse.org]

At previous employer's client's Head Office, Barlow Park, Sandton: A free floating / rolling granite ball. Impressive - it is suspended by water pressure. (Probably hollow - looking at the markings - but at first I thought it was pushed up by water pressure.)
Barlow Park Floating Granite Globe - free to rotate
You can also refer to my social media page on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.

My software developments:
 * Data format conversion utilities for
Van de Graaff Accelerator, AEC of SA
in Turbo Pascal.
 * Horse Feeding database program for Broederstroom kommando in dBase IV Plus.
 * Temperature and Humidity logging program for UNTest in C.
 * Hirepodi sensor stepper motor control development for SAFARI in Delphi 3
 * SPATRA fission product plate-out code enhancements for PBMR in FORTRAN 77
 * Application code improvements for GRINTEK in Visual Basic 6
 * LSMS Automated AutoIt software package installations.
 * Chess Clock for CS4NP in Lazarus 0.9.30

Danie Wessels,
Jul 6, 2014, 1:28 PM