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The path to success on the computer is efficiency through knowledge.

The Mission

To provide excellent service to clients. PC Path Consulting can be there when you need a helping hand. When someone calls in sick and you need someone on the spot, PC Path Consulting can help. Ever just needed one more person to help with a project or to keep work steady for just that one day, PC Path Consulting can help. Expert in Word and PowerPoint as well as working with Excel, Database programs, Publisher, Social Media, Web Site maintenance, we can help you with some of your most needed tasks. PC Path can also offer design consulting, editing, training and more. If you are looking for someone to help you in a rush, for a short term project or just a few hours of consultation, contact PC Path Consulting today.

Training: PC Path Consulting has the expertise to do your office training and can make it fun. If it's computer software training or a specific task for your business, we can put together the training or train your trainers. Use 15+ years of experience and a drama background to make your training effective and fun.

Word Processing: As a Microsoft Word Expert, setting up documents with proper set-up and usability is a no brainer. PC Path offers fast, efficient Word Processing services on demand.

Grant Writing: Currently PC Path Consulting is branching out to include Grant Writing Services. See our page on Services to learn more about our experience and offerings here.

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