Efficiency Consulting
Need your Word documents to work better? Excel Spreadsheets to print well? PC Path can help. You can make a Word document look good and print well in the moment, but when you try to use the document again it does not "behave" or it gets "all messed up" when you try to make edits. If you start with a good template or document from the start then going forward the documents will be more editable. In this online world it is not enough to have the documents work in a print out or PDF, they need to work well in the program. Let PC Path help you get your documents and templates set-up so that you can work with them without or with less frustration.

With almost 20 years of experience training and an Acting degree, PC Path makes training fun and effective. Helping people learn what they need to know to make their jobs effective and efficient. What do your employees need to learn? PC Path can do the training or train your trainers to make their presentation more effective.

Check out some of PC Path's Curriculum by looking at some excerpts. You might learn something.

New: Grant Writing Support Services
PC Path Consulting is now branching out to Grant Writing. PC Path is working on building a Grant Writing portfolio and has supported organizations by searching for and reporting viable grants, helped write and edit mid-year grant reports and final grant proposals. Currently PC Path is working on research and grant proposals for both national and local organizations. Looking for grant writing support? Temporary or longer term? PC Path can help. PC Path is a member of Grant Station and the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association (PGSA). View my current resume...