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Jonathan Cornelius, ICRAF, Regional Office for Latin America [email]
Armando GARCIA, executive secretary, IICA/Promecafe [email]
François X. Côte, Scientific Director, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Eduardo Hidalgo, CABI [email]
Bernard KILIAN, INCAE [email]
Florent MARAUX, CIRAD, DGDRS in charge of Latin America [email] [publications]
Sean Murphy, CABI [email]
Jenny Ordoñez, ICRAF in CATIE [email]
Eduardo SOMARRIBA, agroforestry scientist, CATIE [email]
Charles STAVER, agronomist, Bioversity International [email]

Coordination Unit

President of the Steering Committee: John BEER, Director of Research and Development, CATIE [email]
Coordinator: Bruno RAPIDEL, agronomist and model user, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Assistant: Patricia HERNANDEZ, assistant, CATIE [email]

Scientific Staff

Theme 1: AFS as providers of environmental services

Rolando CERDA, soil quality and carbon storage, CATIE [email]
Jacques AVELINO, phytopathologist, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Carlos CERDAN, PhD student, CATIE/University of Bangor [email]
Fabien CHARBONNIER, PhD student, CIRAD [email]
Fabrice DE CLERCK, landscape ecologist, CATIE [email]
Olivier DEHEUVEULS, cacao agronomist, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Abigail FALLOT, economist, bioenergy, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Mariela LEANDRO, PhD student, CATIE [email]
Jean-Michel HARMAND, soil biologist, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Pablo IMBACH, climate scientist, CATIE [email]
Olivier ROUPSARD, ecophysiologist, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Gabriela SOTO, soil biologist and label specialist, CATIE [email]
Karel VAN DEN MEERSCHE, soil organic matter recycling, CIRAD [email] [personal website]
Mario VILLATORO, PhD student, erosion and coffee farmer practices [email]
Kristen WELSH, PhD student, hydrology and nutrients [email]

Theme 2: Sustainable and diversified AFS

Clementine ALLINNE, agroecologist, CIRAD [email]
Sanjeeb BATTHARAI, PhD student, models and ES at landscape scale [email]
Tamara BENJAMIN, agronomist, CATIE and Purdue U. [email]
Jayne CROZIER, microbiologist, CABI [email]
, coffee agronomist, CATIE [email]
Louise MEYLAN, PhD student, CIRAD [email]
Maria PADOVAN, PhD student, coffee hybrids and climate change [email]
Bruno RAPIDEL, agronomist and model user, CIRAD [email] [personal website] [publications]
Eduardo SOMARRIBA, agroforester, CATIE [email]
Charles STAVER, agronomist, Bioversity [email]
Philippe TIXIER, trophic webs and banana, CIRAD [email]

Theme 3: AFS for the improved livelihoods of the rural poor

Sandrine FREGUIN-GRECH, migrations and rural poverty, CIRAD [email]
Cliserio GONZALEZ, PhD student, CATIE and U. of Bangor [email]
Isabel GUTIERREZ, rural sociologist, CATIE [email]
Renee HILL, PhD student, water governance [email]
Ruth JUNKIN, livelihood strategies and business organizations, CATIE [email]
Gregoire LECLERC, land management, CIRAD [email]
Kees PRINS, rural sociologist, CATIE [email]
Irene SHAVER, PhD student, land use change and livelihoods under migration [email]
Nicole SIBELET, sociologist, CIRAD [email]
Gabi SOTO, soil biologist and label specialist, CATIE [email]
Marilyn VILLALOBOS, sociologist, CATIE [email]

Theme 4: Farmers' organisation and market intelligence

Cecile CATHELIN, PhD student, PES and territorial dynamics [email]
Elena FLORIAN, climate change and capacity building, CATIE [email]
Myriam KESSARI, PhD student, Fair Trade and farmers' organisations [email]
Jean-François LE COQ, rural economist, CIRAD [email] [publications]
Raffaele VIGNOLA, climate scientist, CATIE [email]

Theme 5: adding value to AFS products and services

Thomas LEGRAND, PhD student, institutional analysis of Costa Rican PES [email]
Dietmar STOIAN, economist, CATIE [email] [publications]
, food processing, CIRAD [email]