The following insititutions are key stakeholders involved in the PCP's activities

Mission: to undertake, encourage and support research and other activities on the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity, especially genetic resources, to create more productive, resilient and sustainable harvests


Key expertise for PCP: Genotype, environment and post-harvest management for cocoa quality; soil, root and plant health and cropping systems in banana; knowledge platforms and networks

Mission: to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment,


Key expertise for PCP: Coffee, cocoa; IPM with biocontrol focus; biodiversity assessment; knowledge generation and dissemination; farmer training

Mission: to contribute to rural poverty reduction in tropical America by promoting competitive and sustainable agriculture and natural resource management through higher education, research and technical cooperation


Key expertise for PCP: Agroforestry research and development, natural resource management, biodiversity assessment, development of certification schemes; teaching center

Mission: to contribute to rural development in tropical and subtropical countries through research, experimentation, training operations in France and overseas, and scientific and technical information, primarily in the fields of agriculture, forestry and agrifoods


Key expertise for PCP: Coffee and cacao, disease management, ecophysiology of tropical crops, cropping system design, biodiversity and connectivity, crop system modelling

Mission: to actively promote the comprehensive development of the countries served, enhancing leadership skills within the key sectors by improving management practices, attitudes, and values


Key expertise for PCP: Business administration, marketing, supply chain management, policy assessment

Mission: to cooperate with the partner organizations of the program, in order that they may discover, develop and put into effect the technological innovations required to enhance productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of the coffee industry, with rational utilization of the natural resources and the environment, in their respective countries of Central America and the Caribbean


Key expertise for PCP: Coffee production and transformation in Central America, federation of the Coffee Research Institutes of Central America