Our mission is to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector of Mesoamerica through the quantification, valuing and development of all the potential products and environmental services of Agroforestry Systems with perennial crops (in particular coffee and cocoa).

Agroforestry systems, wherein different plant species, including perennials, are cultivated together in the same plots, have the potential to achieve a more sustainable use of natural resources than monocultures. However, the economic performance of these systems, as measured with traditional financial indicators, may not attract farmers. Integrated studies and tools are needed to improve the agroforestry systems, develop value chains adapted to the products and environmental services provided and make these opportunities accessible to the farmers.

This platform is an initiative to bring together scientists from CIRAD, CATIE, ICRAFINCAE, CABI, BIOVERSITY and PROMECAFE to address these challenges as a strong, multidisciplinary, group and achieve significant research and developmental results.