Pierre-Carl Michaud

Education: Ph.D. Economics, Tilburg University 2005

Professor of Economics, ESG Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Vice-President, Public Policy Group, CIRANO
Other research affiliations: 
See my working papers page on IDEAS for other papers and PDFs. 

Papers in revision at journals
  • "Accounting for the Rise in Health Spending and Longevity" (with R. Fonseca, T. Galama and A. Kapteyn), revise and resubmit Review of Economic Studies.
  • "The Effect of Job Loss on Health: Evidence from Biomarkers" (with E. Crimmins and M. Hurd), revise and resubmit Labour Economics.
  • "Employer Downsizing and Older Workers’ Health" (with I. A. Gutierrez), submitted to Labour Economics.
  • "The Concentration of Hospital-Based Medical Spending: Evidence from Canada" (with A. Côté-Sergent and D. Échevin), revise and resubmit Fiscal Studies.
Selected Publications (see CV for full list)
  • Lusardi, A., P.-C. Michaud and O.S. Mitchell (forthcoming): "Optimal Financial Knowledge and Wealth Inequality", Journal of Political Economy.
  • Solé-Auro, A., P.C. Michaud, M. Hurd and E. Crimmins (2015): "Disease Incidence and Mortality Among Older Americans and Europeans", Demography 52:2, pp. 593-611.
  • Goldman, D., D. Cutler, J.W. Rowe, P.-C. Michaud, J. Sullivan, D. Peneva and S.J. Olshansky (2013): "Substantial Health And Economic Returns From Delayed Aging May Warrant A New Focus For Medical Research", Health Affairs 32:10, pp. 1698-1705. 
  • Hurd, M., P.-C. Michaud and S. Rohwedder (2013): "The Lifetime Risk of Nursing Home Use", NBER Chapter, in Discoveries in the Economics of Aging, pp 81-109. University of Chicago Press.

  • Dionne, G., P.-C. Michaud and M. Dahchour (2013): "Separating Moral Hazard from Adverse Selection in Automobile Insurance: Longitudinal Evidence from France", Journal of the European Economic Association 11(4), 897-917.

  • Michaud, P.-C., D. Lakdawalla, D. Goldman, Y. Zheng and A. Gailey (2012): “The value of Medical and Pharmaceutical Interventions for Reducing Obesity” Journal of Health Economics 31:4, pp. 630-643.

  • Michaud, P.-C. and K. Tatsiramos (2011): “Fertility and Female Employment Dynamics in Europe: The Effect of Using Alternative Econometric Modeling Assumptions”, Journal  of Applied Econometrics 26:4, pp. 641-668.

  • Lakdawalla, D., D. Goldman, P.-C. Michaud, N. Sood, R. Lempert, Z. Cong, H. de Vries and I. Gutierrez (2008): “U.S. Pharmaceutical Policy in a Global Marketplace”, Health Affairs 28:1, w138-w150. 

  • Michaud, P.-C. and A. van Soest (2008): “Health and Wealth of Elderly Couples: Causality Tests using Dynamic Panel Data Models”, Journal of Health Economics 27:5, pp. 1312-1325. 

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