We've closed submission to pledge at this time.
We thank you so much for your consideration!
We will be contacting those of you who pledged with more information and will need your addresses so that we can send you the custom Thank You card written by Sean himself!


We'd like to buy an iPad for Sean and Sandy to use in school. Sean is now in Kindergarten!

We would like a refurbished 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad with an Otterbox (think tough protection for a 5 year old) case.

If you contribute, we will send you a custom photo of Sean and Sandy with the new iPad and a hand written Thank You in Sean's writing!


So far we've received pledges from:
£5 OckmentBells
$10 Anon E. Moose
$100 Anonymous
$10 2eTango
$50 Winstonsmom
$20 Anonymous
$25 zgrav
$50 Anonymous
$10 LAEd
$20 Fishheadjr
$100 KomarBoys
$25 efb01
$10 dannybhoy79
$10 Anonymous
$10 Team 57
$20 daisybones
$10 skydive121
$100 Thavia

Info on this page will be updated at least once a day