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Welcome to the home of intellectual stimulation and spiritual enlightenment:

Yes, it's true----both can be accomplished through the intense study of poetry and prose! 

For visitors just arriving, let me introduce myself:

      I, Paul J. Ciavola, am currently teaching Freshman English, College Writing,  and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition at Marlborough High School.  Having graduated from Franklin High School in 1996, I attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English while completing a minor in Psychology as well as gaining my teaching certification simultaneously.  Following my educational endeavors in western Massachusetts, I began teaching English  at MHS in the fall of 2000.  During my time at MHS I have taught Freshman and Sophomore English, Journalism, Newspaper Production, MCAS English Review, and the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition course.  After receiving my Master's degree in Education from Salem State College in the summer of 2007, I coordinated the English Language Arts departments at both MMS and MHS for three years before returning to the classroom full-time in the fall of 2010.

    Beyond the classroom, I advised the MHS newspaper, The Panther Tracks, from 2000-2007 and coached the MHS Freshman Basketball team from 2004-2007.  Professionally, I am also an active member of the Marlborough Educators Association and have served as both a building representative (2002-2006) and a member of the negotiations committee (2006- 2011).

    If you'd like anymore information regarding my life outside of MHS,             just ask-------I'm pretty much an open book.

  Lastly, enjoy the Shakespearean Insult of the day (below). . . if you must spit verbal daggers, do so with the Bard's tongue!


  Lastly, check out three of my favorite images below, they include pictures from my honeymoon trip to the Mayan Riviera (this is The Temple Kukulkan at the center of Chichen Itza, a historic site of the Mayan culture), the "best" photograph I believe I have ever taken (a shot of Lake Champlain from the Vermont shoreline), and an old picture of my nephews, Jack and Brendan (left to right), ready to trick-or-treat as Woody and Buzz from the their favorite movie, Toy Story.



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You may contact Mr. Ciavola via e-mail at or
by stopping by room 344 located on the third floor at MHS.

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