I will be doing most of the posts on the event (1-3 posts each day leading up to the big day), but I encourage you to make a few posts of your own during the week. The way Facebook works, your friends are more likely to see YOUR posts than my posts.  Plus, let's face it - I'm just a sales rep to your friends, but you are a credible source! They care about what you say and your opinion, so please chime in.

If you already have some favorite Pampered Chef products, definitely post pictures of your favorites!  Talk about what YOU like about the products.  Your endorsement can go a long way!

Also, please tag specific friends on my posts if you think that the product or recipe will appeal to them!  I also have a quick GUEST FAQ page, that will answer some common questions I get from party guests.

After the party, send personal messages to any of your friends who were interested in placing orders but haven't done so yet. Don't forget to collect any orders from your friends who aren't on Facebook!

Let’s aim to close your show within 48 hours of the party date so that your friends can receive their orders promptly.  Once I have received all orders, I will contact you to confirm your FREE items and discounted products! Go through the catalog NOW and make your wish list so that you know what you want to order!
 Remember that you also join the VIP club by receiving an additional 10% off all Pampered Chef purchases for ONE YEAR! BONUS: If any guests book a party during yours, you will also receive any item for 50% off at their party!