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Aloha and Welcome

Pearl City Hongwanji Judo Club has been established for over 50 years and is registered with the United States Judo Federation (USJF).  Judo is an Olympic sport and a high school sport in Hawai'iOur family at PCHJC is always looking forward to seeing new people come learn about judo and are ready to help no matter what skill level you begin with. We highly encourage all members of our club to participate in the monthly state tournaments that are open to all skill levels and ages.

Why Join Judo?

Judo is many things to different people. It is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational / social activity, a fitness program, a means of self defense or combat, and a way of life. It is all this and much more.  Judo develops self-discipline and respect for oneself and others.  Judo provides the means for learning self-confidence, concentration and leadership skills as well as physical coordination, power and flexibility.

Why Us?

Pearl City Hongwanji is a competitive club where we dedicate ourselves to keep working towards being the best version of ourselves. Our philosophy is that learning judo goes beyond the dojo; the knowledge you gain from practicing judo can be applied to all other parts of your life and can help you be great outside of judo.

See more about the people who make this club great on the About Us page.

Considering Joining?

Anyone ages 6 and up can join. We highly encourage coming to watch a practice before joining if you are unfamiliar with judo; we suggest anyone in high school and older consider coming to both beginner and intermediate classes until you are familiar with the basics.

The monthly fee for our club is $35. If you are new to USJF, there will be a $75 fee per year which is required to participate in tournaments and any USJF hosted events.

For more information on paperwork see the Resources page or if you have any questions please refer to the Contact Us page.

Club Schedule

Practices are held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday: