Peter's Home 

The home page of Peter C. Frank 

I'm not really certain why it's needed, but everyone needs to have a home page, right? It's kind of like having a home. Heck, even the homeless can have a home page. So here it is, my home on the 'net. The title is a play of words of sorts on my blog, which is called Peter's Place. Get it? Good.

While you're looking into things, make sure you take a look at my content over on What's It's a social blogging site where you get points for participating (by creating content and commenting/viewing other people's content), and you can redeem those points for gift cards, PayPal money, or donate points to charitable causes. How cool is that? So cool that ya wanna join, right? So use this link to join now, so I can get the points when you join and sign up. Thanks!

I'm also on, where you can find a lot of my contact information, such as my e-mail address.

In the meantime, however, I guess I can post my resume (it's a PDF file).