Duo-R Pages

                                  Welcome to my mod Pages
Welcome to my Turbo and misc mod pages. This is really just a forum for me to document and share some different projects I have worked on. Including:

  • Wireless Xbox 360 Arcade stick - with HAP controls
  • PS1 Arcade stick - real HAP controls
  • PS1 screen with RGB inputs and custom stand
  • PS2 - matrix chip
  • Sega CD - blue LED mod
  • Sega Saturn - blue LED mod, region switch
  • Turbo Duo - ble LED mod, region switch box, nes controller on duo mod
  • Gameboy Advance - afterburner kit
  • let me know what you would be interested in getting more detailed guides by sending me an email. Send me an email

    Update 11/23/10 - It has been over two years since I have "blogged' on the Duo pages. Ever since Geocities went down, so did the Turbo pages. Today that has been changed, the silence has stopped. I got a Youtube account now, where I will be uploading some tutorial videos. For now I will use Google Sites until a more permanent home is found (or who knows maybe it will stay here for a while). Good to be back!

    The last AV Mod I did for a Turbografx-16 came out pretty nice, as you can see below. Still really busy, but hopefully another update soon.

    MOD - Pin 29 - PC Engine Duo video tutorial

    PC Engine Duo Pin 29 mod Part 1/2,

    Youtube link

    PC Engine Duo Pin 29 mod Part 2/2,

    Youtube link

    AV mod for TurboGrafx-16

    Click to enlarge!

    Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!

    Update 8/31/08 - well more time has passed, I have been very busy with work but also had plenty of projects done in spare time. I am going to give post some updates especially to the txt guides (more photos) and organize stuff a bit. Anyone have a suggestion on a good place to host a website at low cost and some tools that makes updating / making pages easier? You can tell web pages aren't my forte, but hey I am trying right? I recently built a Wireless Xbox 360 arcade stick, absolutely one of the coolest mods I have built (but not finished yet). Latest project: Blue LED for TurboDuo

    I want to remind all of you that this install requires some very good soldering skills, and any damage done to your system is YOUR OWN responsibility. I will not be held liable in any way.