This website is designed for individuals who volunteer to judge at the 27th Annual Tri-County Science & Technology Fair to be held at White Plains HS on Saturday, April 18, 2020. You were directed to this site most probably because you received an email recruiting you to register as a judge. If you receive the recruiting email more than once, please accept our apology. We send the email on repeated attempts to recruit judges, and our system does not always filter out those who may have already received the email.

This site will provide useful information for judges, including the project selection process, judging guidelines and criteria, a list of exhibits, a map of the science fair location, and directions to the Fair.

This site also contains links to other aspects of the fair and a directory of judges who have consented to include their contact information for networking purposes. Use the menu to the left to navigate to the desired webpage. If you have any questions regarding judging at the fair, PLEASE contact the Judges' Committee at pcdctcsf@gmail.com or 845-621-1260 x-402.


Since 1994, the annual Tri-County Science & Technology Fair has been organized by the Putnam Children’s Discovery Center for the purpose of sharing science and technology with the community and rewarding children who spend their time creating innovative and well-researched STEM projects.

Fair participation is open to students from public, private and home schools located in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam Counties. What’s truly amazing is that the Tri-County Science & Technology Fair is the only regional fair in our area with three grade levels: Elementary, Middle and High School. Most fairs only showcase one or two levels at most, but our fair provides a clear path for students to continue their interest in science and technology throughout their academic careers.

A student must win a local fair at their Elementary or Middle School to qualify for the event. Middle school student winners at our fair have the option to advance to the prestigious Broadcom Masters competition.

Many participating high school students have been selected by their principal or science department chair to present original research or demonstrate a scientific, mathematical or technological principle. The top high school students, who have opted to enter original research in the fair, are eligible to move on to the New York State level competition – the NYS Science Congress.

More than 350 students are expected to display their projects at the fair! A challenge for us has always been to recruit enough qualified judges each year, and that is why you are at this site! We know, given your standing and experience in one of the listed categories, you can serve as a great role model for the students. You can help provide them with an objective critique of their project and positive reinforcement of their efforts.

Prizes are given to winners at each level in the categories of:

What's Involved?

The routine on the day of the fair is for judges to arrive 8:30 am at White Plains HS. A light breakfast is provided.

Approximately one week before the fair, judges will be able to examine a list of exhibits shown with their categories, levels, and project titles. Most judges will have the option online before the fair to select up to 10 projects they wish to judge in the area of their expertise from one grade level only: elementary, middle, or high school level on a first-come, first served basis, depending on which of your selections still remain unassigned to three separate judges.

Judges who do not select projects online before the fair will have the opportunity to select anywhere from 5 to 10 exhibits when they check-in that morning, again, depending on which exhibits still remain unassigned to three separate judges.

Here is your chance to mentor, listen to, and share your experiences with young scientists, researchers, physicians, and engineers-to-be! Plus, you will get to network with more than 100 other like-minded technical professionals from academia, non-profit, government, and industry who plan to judge at the fair.

Judging is scheduled to begin about 10:00 am and concludes around noon. Lunch is provided at the end of the judging. Judges are welcome to browse the entire fair after lunch between 1:00 - 2:00 pm and stay for the awards ceremony around 2:30 pm.Here is an easy way for you to make a difference!

Please volunteer and support local students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math!

What's Next?

  • Have you registered to be a judge? if not, click on Registration or the registration link in the menu. You will then receive an acknowledgment email (#2) of your registration, followed by a series of subsequent emails until shortly before the fair as depicted in the workflow to the right.
  • If you are already registered as a judge, did you receive an email (#3) a few weeks before the fair requesting confirmation of your attendance and declaration of Conflict-of-Interest? If not, click on Confirmation or the confirmation link in the menu
  • If you have already registered and confirmed, you should have received an orientation email (#5) with your judge's ID and password to allow you to select online the exhibits you prefer to judge. If so, click on the Guidelines link in the menu for further instructions. if not, PLEASE contact the Judges' Committee at pcdctcsf@gmail.com or 845-621-1260 x-402.
  • If you received your orientation email, did you select your exhibits through our online form? If so, you should have received an acknowledgment email (#6) of your selections. If you did not receive the acknowledgment email after selecting your exhibits online, PLEASE contact the Judges' Committee at pcdctcsf@gmail.com or 845-621-1260 x-402.
  • Learn more about the fair by visiting Useful Links

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