(The "National Incentive Sheet" can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE)

Details to come in early 2021

Visa Gift Cards

Youth will be awarded a Visa Gift Card in the following amounts:

  • $1,500 level sales level - $50 Visa Gift Card;

  • $2,500 level sales level - additional $50 Visa Gift Card (total $100 card);

  • $3,000 level sales level - additional $50 Visa Gift Card (total $150 card);

Adventure Gear Box

At the $2,500 sales level, youth will be awarded large "Adventure Box". This box contains a number of items to make Scouting Adventures much better for the participant. These will be an assortment of items sold in the Scout Shop.

Scholarship Fund

Trails-End provides the 6% scholarship program for those who have reached the $2,500 sales level or higher in any one year. If $2500.00 was sold in any previous year, then 6% of all future sales (any level) will be placed into the seller's Trails End Scholarship fund.... BUT THE PROPER SCHOLARSHIP FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT AND PHOTOCOPIED AND A COPY KEPT BY PARENTS, SCOUTERS AND POPCORN COORDINATORS. ***SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORMS AND SALES ORDER FORMS MUST ALSO BE EMAILED TO right after sales are done. See DOCUMENTS page for the scholarship form.

Parents can view existing Scholarship accounts at any time by clicking on this link: and signing in to their account.


(Please email Scouter Steve at if you would like to opt into this program)

This Program is the same as last years' Traditional Incentive Rewards Program and is again optional and the cost to you is exactly the cost of the gifts that you order plus miscellaneous costs (eg. brochure costs, etc). This program will require a 9% deposit of your full retail sales order and is due by the due date shown in the TIMELINE - cheques made out to "Scouts Canada" must be mailed to the address shown in the TIMELINE). Rebates will then be issued based on the cost of the actual rewards that you receive (plus miscellaneous charges).

You can download the Sample Brochure HERE.

To opt into the "Traditional Incentive Rewards" program, you must email to let us know that you would like to participate in the program and we will send you the number of brochures that you need.


Groups can also create their own incentives as well. Examples of this are the pie in the face for top sellers, laser tag parties, go-karting, climbing wall night, pocket knives, flashlights, movie passes, gift cards, etc.

National is offering a 20% discount on Scout Shop gear for prizes during the months of September & October (obtain the discount coupon by downloading "National's Incentive Program" at the top of this page) .

If you order items on-line, email to obtain your promotion code and enter the promo code "in the "Promo Code" box - DO NOT ENTER IT IN THE "SHIPPING PROMO CODE" box.