The key elements of your fundraiser are:

  1. Start off with an early excited Kick-Off meeting in each section.
  2. Make sure the parents are in attendance at your Kick-Off Meetings so they can see the importance of the fundraiser (set $$$ goals for the Section and Group);
  3. have posters, balloons, prize draws and some popcorn samples on hand;
  4. explain the products;
  5. do some role modelling for selling popcorn;
  6. show everyone the National Rewards (and any other rewards program(s) your Group has chosen);
  7. many groups also have their own additional rewards such as laser tag for reaching a certain sales level or a bowling night, etc.
  8. at Section meetings throughout September & October, continue to keep your youth excited about selling popcorn;
  9. When role modelling, the following is some suggested wording to customers:

Suggested Words to Customers

Hi sir, my name is _______________ (say first name only).

I'm a Cub Scout with the ________ Pack. We meet at ____.

We are offering Gourmet Scout Popcorn to help raise money for our Cub Pack, and also so that I can earn my way to Camp.

You can support us by buying some of our Gourmet popcorn (hand the customer the order form - on a clipboard with a pen).

You’ll help support the Scouts, won’t you?

Each group that registers will be given "Popcorn Order Forms" at the Council Kick-Off. If you attend the Council Popcorn Kickoff, your group will also be given some popcorn samples and prizes.

Please note if you find you are short of Forms, you can email us at for additional copies or simply print them off from the DOCUMENTS page.

Make sure that you follow the Timeline carefully.

The Scouts Canada Popcorn website (click here to link) also has a number of useful resources including: sales planners, a library of communication documents for emailing, training videos, and a number of promotional images. These can be very useful in planning & communicating your own popcorn program.

One additional suggestion for your Group is to give out clipboards to your youth to hold the Order Sheet and colour brochure showing the popcorn products. This will help them keep their papers in order. The colour brochure (enclosed in a zip lock bag,) can be taped to the back of the clipboard, so it is easy to protect and show the pictures of the popcorn while keeping another order form readily accessible.