GROUP REGISTRATION - Register right away!  Your Group needs to register each year as there is important information that we need  (Click on #1-REGISTER YOUR GROUP on the left hand side).

INCENTIVE REWARDS - Note that National has new Incentive Rewards which are available to each group at the START of the popcorn campaign.  The "Optional" Traditional Rewards are also available again (Click on NEW INCENTIVE REWARDS PROGRAMS on the left hand side). 

GROUP PROFITS - The popcorn sales profit to Groups has increased this year to a minimum of 45%.  The actual profit will depend on the items sold (which can vary between 45% to 50% - click on the DOCUMENTS page on the left hand side to download the "Popcorn Product Group Profits")

TIMELINE - Make sure that you meet all the Timeline deadlines shown below! This Timeline is subject to updates from time to time so please continually refer to the website "on-line" Timeline.

POPCORN ORDERING SYSTEM - Trails-End has made some changes to their system for ordering your popcorn.  Please carefully follow the instructions on the website when ordering ---currently being updated --- (Click on ORDERING POPCORN & INCENTIVE REWARDS" on the left hand side).

Group Popcorn Coordinators & Section Leaders will find all the information that is needed for this years' fundraising campaign on this website.  Popcorn Coordinators and Section representatives are encouraged to attend a Council Kick-Off Meeting to get additional information and to pick up your Group's "Popcorn Sales Kits and Forms" (see #1 - REGISTER YOUR GROUP on the left hand side for details and reservations).  If you are unable to attend a meeting and an alternate Leader/parent is unable to attend, then please contact Steve at for your Popcorn Sales Kit & Forms.

Scout Popcorn fundraisers have raised considerable funds for many Groups.  Just take a look at a few last year's statistics from a few Groups in our own Council.
Pacific Coast Council Top 5 Selling Groups in 2016


Popcorn Sold 

21st Capilano -NSA $24,290
4th Southwest - Burnaby$23,990
18th Seymour -NSA $15,420
1st Southwest - Burnaby $12,780
13th Southwest - Burnaby $11,180

Pacific Coast Council Top Selling Youth - (2015)


Popcorn Sold 

Name of Youth 

4th Southwest Burnaby$10,460Kyle Bowering
 21st Capilano         $2,510Nicolas Delgado
1st Southwest -Burnaby  $2,505Markus Battiston

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE POPCORN FUNDRAISER, CLICK ON "#1-REGISTER YOUR GROUP" AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS (note you must register your group each year).  Also please note that the Group Popcorn Coordinator must be fully screened as leaders on

It is very important that you meet the key timeline dates listed below.


Date  Action
 Start Right Away  Register your Group on this website, prepare sales training ideas, attend a Council Kick-Off and distribute Sales Kits to each Section (see YOUR FUNDRAISER for ideas)
Sunday Sept 9th  Last date for the SEPTEMBER SHOW & SELL ORDER to be entered into the on-line Popcorn System (see ORDERING POPCORN) IF your Group is planning to get the early SHOW & SELL popcorn stock.
 Any time in September If Groups would like to sign up for the "Optional Traditional Incentive Rewards" Program: (see NEW INCENTIVE REWARDS PROGRAM), It must be done in September. ******Groups must notify us if they would like to join into this rewards program.

As soon as youth receive their popcorn Order Forms

 TAKE ORDER Sales from customers using your Popcorn Order forms.  Youth must collect money from the customers at the time the order is taken.  COORDINATORS AND PARENTS MUST MAKE PHOTO COPIES OF ALL ORDER FORMS TO KEEP AS A RECORD OF SALES.   Also make photocopies of Scholarship Papers.
 Thursday Sept 27th  Pick-Up SHOW & SELL popcorn orders from the warehouse  (see PICKING-UP ORDERS).  
A Post dated cheque (dated for October 31st) must be handed in for the Show & Sell order when the Show & Sell order is picked up.
 Week of Oct. 22nd Deadline for participants to turn in their ORIGINAL POPCORN ORDER FORMS to their Section Popcorn Coordinators who then give them to the Group Popcorn Coordinator (this gives the Group Coordinator time to enter everyone's orders in the Trails End Ordering System).
 Monday Oct. 22nd  Group Popcorn Coordinator starts inputting the  OCTOBER MAIN TAKE ORDER into the "2017 Group-Section Worksheet". WAIT FOR THE 2017 NEW DOCUMENT, please.  Find it under "DOCUMENTS" on the top left hand side. YOU MUST STUDY instructions under Ordering Popcorn and Rewards beforehand!
 Monday Oct. 22ndThe Group Popcorn Coordinator must have the Group's Treasurer start to prepare a cheque for the final popcorn order (CHEQUE to be handed in to Scout House 664 West Broadway in Vancouver on November 3rd right after the OCTOBER MAIN ORDER is placed) -MAKE CHEQUES OUT TO "SCOUTS CANADA"
Tuesday, Oct. 30th  Your OCTOBER MAIN TAKE ORDER must be finalized and entered into the on-line Popcorn System (the Trail's End System) by the Group Popcorn Coordinator (see ORDERING POPCORN & REWARDS)
 Friday, Nov. 2nd You must take a Group Cheque with the final amount to Scout House at 664 West Broadway in Vancouver by 4pm on FridayPLEASE MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT ENOUGH MONEY IS IN YOUR GROUP BANK ACCOUNT - THAT ALL DEPOSITS OF POPCORN MONEY HAS BEEN DONE TO YOUR ACC'T.
 Friday, Nov. 2nd Groups who have opted in to the "Traditional Rewards Program" must MAIL A CHEQUE made out to "Scouts Canada" in the amount of 9% of their Total Retail Sales (S&S + Main Take Order Sales) to Scouter Steve at 971 Belgrave Avenue, North Vancouver, BC. V7R 1Z3. 
Friday, Nov. 2nd  The finalized Group-Section Worksheet must be emailed to by the Group Popcorn Coordinator (see ORDERING POPCORN & REWARDS)
 Friday, Nov. 2nd  Sellers who qualify for the SCHOLARSHIP REWARD, or who have qualified in previous years, must have a copy of their POPCORN SALES ORDER FORMS and a completed "Post-Secondary-Scholarship-Enrollment-Form emailed to (see ORDERING POPCORN & REWARDS) 
 DELAYED TO Friday Dec. 1st  Pick-Up your OCTOBER MAIN TAKE ORDER & Traditional Rewards at the warehouse (see PICKING-UP ORDERS) 
 Set your own date  Group Popcorn Coordinators deliver popcorn to Sections along with copies of the Popcorn Order Forms for delivery of popcorn to customers. 
 Set your own date  Latest date that youth deliver to the customers (note that the money must be collected from customers when the customer orders their popcorn).
 Set your own date  Leaders and/or Group Popcorn Coordinators collects any money owing from youth.
 Set your own date  Group Popcorn Coordinator gives money to Group Treasurer.

If you need additional information not shown on this website or you have any questions, please contact us at

Canada's Top Seller 2015 & 2016

Our own Kyle Bowering from the Pacific Coast Council (4th Southwest Burnaby Group) was Canada's top seller two years in a row!  Kyle sold $9,130 worth of popcorn during the 2015 campaign and $10,460 during the 2016 campaign.

Canada's Top Seller 2011 & 2012

Our own Jasmine Merali from the Pacific Coast Council (15th Capilano Group - North Shore Area) was Canada's top seller two years in a row.  Jasmine sold $17,000 worth of popcorn during the 2011 and 2012 campaigns.


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