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    Math Path 5AB                           Homework
Note:  We have covered all of the unit but 3.5 and 3.2 so I would encourage you to do as much of the book problems on those as possible this weekend.
      for Monday: Turn in packet 3.1ii, 3.7i, 3.3i.  Do book probs 3.3i & ii
              Notice:  Answer to 3.1ii #2: Max 9/8, Min 0.  Curve in 3.7i:  f(x) =(4-x)/(2+x)
      for Tuesday: Turn in packet 3.3 ii,  Do  book probs 3.5                    
       for Thursday:  Turn in packet 3.5, 3.7ii,  Do book probs  3.7ii, 3.2
       for Friday:  No School . 
        for Monday Turn in packet 3.2

TEST Solutions:  1 (blue yellow) | 2 (yellow gray)

Homework packet solutions: 3.1i

    Math Path 7B/5A                                               Homework
                     due Monday:   
                     due Tuesday:  
                    due Thursday:  9.4ii and 9.5 i
                    due Friday:      9.1
        TEST Solutions:  1 (page 1, gray, yellow)  | 2   | 3 |  

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Geogebra Workshops!  3/7, 3/21, 4/11