Attempt All Questions


 1. What are the characteristics of KMS, DSS & OAS?

2.  Write a short note on Mobile Computing.


TASK 2.                          

 1.   Convert the following hexadecimal values to octal:

a)   FFDA b) A708.10AC c) 970B

2.   Find the 9's complement and 10's complement for the decimal number 765

3.  Explain the following terms: BCD, ASCII, EBCDIC and Gray code.



1.    What is an Operating System? Explain the functions of Operating System.

2.    Write a short note on the start-up files of Windows 7?

3.    Explain Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language and Programming Level Language with examples.

4.    What is a Thread? What are the differences between process and thread?



1.    What is normalization in DBMS?

2.    Explain the concept of super, primary, candidate and foreign keys.

3.    Explain the concept of ER diagram with examples.

4.    What is data warehousing?

5.    What is the difference between OLTP and OLAP?

 TASK 5.

1.    Elucidate the concept of Serial and Parallel Data Transmission.

2.    What is transmission impairment?

3.    What is IP address and subnetting?

4.    Write short note on Internetworking Devices.


1.    Explain the following Internet Protocols - TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP, POP,

2.    Explain IPv4 and IPv6.

3.    What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

4.    What is a firewall? What are its limitations?




 1.   Explain the following terms:-

 a. Phishing    b. Cookies   c. Spoofing  d. Rootkit  e. Search Engine Optimisation.

2.   What is digital signature?

3.   Write short notes on Hashing, Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption/Decryption technique.


 TASK 8:

1. Write a report on any of the following:-

a. Paytm   b. M-PESA  c. Oxigen