Article 8



8.1              The College Human Resources Department shall maintain an employee file on each Classified employee, which shall be the only official employee file. The official file may be maintained in either a written or electronic format.


8.2              The Classified employee may review and/or copy any material in her/his employee file. The employee may respond to or answer any document in the file. The response shall be placed therein and attached to the document to which it is related.


8.3              Documents relating to evaluation or discipline shall be signed or initialed by the employee before placement in the employee file, indicating that the material has been read. Other Management- initiated documents directed to be placed in the employee file will either be addressed to the employee or copied to the employee so that the employee knows that the material is being added to the employee file.

8.4              Documents in the employee's file shall be maintained or purged according to the College policy on records retention. Documents related to disciplinary procedures may be removed from the file in accordance with Article 21.313, 21.326 or 21.334.


8.5              The employee file will contain only those documents that are pertinent to the employment history of an individual as identified in the College Personnel Procedures regarding staff records.


8.6              The Human Resources Department shall maintain a review log in each Classified employee's file. The name of any person reviewing such file shall be recorded in the log with the date of the review. Only authorized staff of the Human Resources Department shall be exempt from the use of such a log.


8.7              It is understood that employees have privacy interests in their employee files and that inspection of employee files by College staff will only be for personnel or other legitimate College purposes as defined in the College Personnel Procedures.


8.8              Employee files shall not be removed from the Human Resources Department except with the authorization of the Director of the Human Resources Department. Employee files shall not be placed in the inter campus mail for any reason.


8.9              Managers may maintain an informal "file" of information related to an employee's work.

Information in this file may be used in completing the employee's next performance assessment. It also may be considered in disciplinary actions if the information in the file concerns actions that took place within one year prior to the discipline, or if it is used to prove that the employee engaged in a pattern of a specific type of misconduct.