Article 6



6.1              Management shall deduct monthly Federation dues from the paychecks of those employees who request in writing that such deductions be made. The amounts to be deducted shall be certified to Management by the Treasurer of the Federation.


6.2              All bargaining unit employees shall, except as provided in Article 6.4, as a condition of employment either become and remain members in good standing of the Federation or pay a monthly fair share fee in lieu of dues, commencing with the first full paycheck following the date of hire.


6.3              Bargaining unit employees may sign up for payroll deduction of Federation membership dues at any time. Federation members may only stop payroll deduction of membership dues by submitting a request to payroll between April 21 and May 20 to stop such deductions. Such requests will be effective June 1.

6.4              Management shall deduct monthly fair share fees from the paychecks of those employees who have not authorized dues deductions per Article 6.1. The amounts to be deducted shall be certified to Management by the Treasurer of the Federation provided that fair share fees shall not exceed regular Federation monthly dues.


6.5              The Federation and Management agree that the rights of non-affiliation of any employee, based on bona fide religious tenets or teachings of a church or religious body of which such employee is a member, shall be safeguarded. Such employee shall pay an amount of money equivalent to regular Federation dues and initiation fees and assessments, if any, to a non-religious charity or to another charitable organization mutually agreed upon by the employee affected and the Federation. The employee shall furnish written proof to Management that this has been done. Management shall then notify the Federation in a timely manner of the affected employee's compliance.  This will be done on a calendar year basis.


6.6              Management shall remit the aggregate deductions of Federation dues and fair share fees for the preceding month, together with a listing identifying the employees from whom deductions are being paid, to the Federation Treasurer by the tenth of the month after such deductions are made.


6.7              The Federation agrees that the College shall be held harmless from any lawsuit or judgment involving compliance with this Article.