Article 5



5.1              In order for the Federation to be kept fully informed of the development of Board policy and to contribute thereto:

5.11          Copies of agendas and background materials furnished to Board members for matters to be discussed other than in executive session shall be sent to the Federation President at the same time as to the Board members.


5.12          A table shall be provided as working space for the Federation President or designee at open Board meetings.


5.13          Subject to Board procedures regarding participation, the Federation President or designee shall be offered the opportunity to speak on items prior to Board action.


5.14          Items may be placed on the Board agenda in compliance with existing Board policy by the Federation President upon written request filed with the President in sufficient time for distribution to the Board with other informational materials prior to the meeting at which it is discussed.


5.15          Copies of minutes of Board meetings and other public documents (e.g., budget) resulting from Board action shall be furnished to the Federation President.


5.2              Management shall provide the Federation with a copy of any publicly distributed document upon request made to the Director of the Human Resources Department. The Federation upon its request to the Director of the Human Resources Department shall be placed on any regular College mailing list. Requests for any other information needed by the Federation to function as the exclusive bargaining unit representative shall be submitted to the Director of the Human Resources Department in writing. The Federation shall pay any reasonable costs for the reproduction and/or compilation of the data.


5.3              Management shall provide the Federation monthly with a list of names, addresses (home and campus), telephone numbers (home and campus), salary, step, and seniority credits of persons in Classified jobs. Such list shall include bargaining unit categories. All information so provided by Management shall be held in confidence by the Federation and used only for Federation business.


5.4              Federation Use of College Equipment and Facilities


5.41          The Federation shall have the right to use College-owned duplicating equipment, when not in conflict with Management use, for the purpose of producing informational material for members of the bargaining unit. The Federation shall reimburse the College for all supplies used. All charges for supplies shall be assessed in accordance with the schedule established by Management.


5.42          The Federation shall have the right to use Management designated staff bulletin boards and local telephone service for the purpose of communicating with Federation members. Management shall designate at least one bulletin board which may be used by the Federation for the purpose of communicating with Federation members at each of the major College campuses or other facilities. Any political endorsements posted on Classified bulletin boards shall be clearly marked as being endorsements by the Federation and not by the College. College mail services shall not be used for the general distribution of Federation communications or for distributing materials of a political nature. The College mail service can be used by the Federation for the purposes of communicating among its officers and with College officials.  All distributions shall clearly indicate the Federation as the distributor of the material.


5.43          The Federation shall have the right to use College meeting facilities for Federation business in accordance with Management procedures established for facility use by College organizations.


5.44          Management shall provide the Federation with exclusive office space at one of the campuses or facilities adequate for a standard desk, filing cabinet and standard size bookcase. The

Federation will furnish all equipment it desires except one telephone, which shall be furnished by Management. Management shall establish a long distance call account which shall be paid monthly by the Federation.


5.45          The use by any member of the bargaining unit of equipment, supplies, services and facilities for purposes designated in Article 5.4 above shall not interfere with the performance of assigned duties and shall not be during assigned working hours unless alternative arrangements are approved by Management in advance.


5.5              Release Time for Federation Representatives


5.51          Management agrees that during working hours, on College premises and without loss of pay, Federation representatives shall be allowed to:


a.       Attend negotiation meetings with Management at times and for periods agreed to by the parties. The Classified team may use up to 240 hours of release time for purposes of negotiating a successor Agreement.


b.      Attend Contract Administration meetings for periods and at times as scheduled.


c.       Attend grievance meetings at each step of the procedure in accordance with Article 24.


5.52          The Federation shall have 80 hours of release time in each pay period. This release time may be used by either the Federation President or the Federation Executive Vice President of Grievance and Contract Administration to conduct union business.  In addition, the Federation Campus/Building Representatives or their designee may use this release time pool for union business related to the administration of the contract. The Federation shall provide a list to Human Resources of the employees eligible to use this time including designees. A Federation representative's use of release time shall be scheduled with the representative's supervisor and will be reported to Human Resources. Campus/Building Representatives or their designee cannot use more than 20 hours per pay period and these hours cannot accumulate. Any release time used in excess of the amounts allowed in this section shall be paid for by the Federation.


5.6              In order to facilitate the relationship between the Federation, the Employees and Management, the Federation agrees to provide Management with a current list of officers, campus representatives and others authorized to represent the union.


5.7              The Federation rights conferred on the Federation by this Agreement shall be exclusive to the Federation, except as provided by law.