Article 3



3.1              Portland Community College prohibits unlawful discrimination as defined in the College’s Nondiscrimination Policy. Complaints of unlawful discrimination, including harassment and/or retaliation shall be processed under Article 3.2 of this Agreement.


3.2              Discrimination/Harassment Complaints


3.21          Informal Step. Complaints may be filed first with the College’s Office of Equity and Inclusion and processed at the informal step of the College's discrimination complaint procedure.


3.22          If the issue is not resolved at the informal level, the employee shall have the option of filing a formal complaint through the College's discrimination complaint procedure or filing a formal grievance beginning at Step 2 (Article 24.22 or 24.32, as appropriate).


3.23          If the employee files a complaint with a State or Federal agency or with a State or Federal Court, the discrimination complaint procedure or the grievance shall automatically terminate.


3.24          The grievance will proceed to binding arbitration under the provision of Article 24.4 only if the employee signs a waiver of her/his right to file a complaint with a State or Federal agency or court and agrees to accept the arbitrator's decision as final and binding.

3.3              The Federation agrees that employees shall provide services in a manner which does not violate the terms of this Article. Employees shall not discriminate against other College employees in violation of this Article.