Article 23




23.1          Seniority shall accrue monthly.


23.2          Bargaining unit employees shall earn seniority from the first day of inclusion in the bargaining unit. However, probationary employees' seniority shall not be vested until they complete the probationary period and temporary employees shall not have seniority vested until/unless they are placed in a non- temporary bargaining unit job.


23.3          A full-time employee shall receive one unit of seniority for each month fully compensated. Employees who are compensated on less than a full-time basis shall earn seniority units based on a pro-ration of part to full time hours paid, not to include compensation for overtime hours.


23.4          Employees shall not accrue seniority units while on unpaid leave or while on layoff status.


23.5          Full-time employees who were employed at the time of ratification of the 1987-90 Agreement shall have their seniority computed for previous work in accordance with the terms of this Article. Employees who were special schedule employees as of June 30, 1990, when this category of employment was discontinued, shall have their prior seniority computed on their previous work schedules. For the purposes of this Article, seniority shall include continuous service with Portland Public School District #1 prior to July 1, 1969, and subsequent continuous employment with Portland Community College.


23.6          An employee shall lose all seniority credit in the event of dismissal from their job or failure to return from an authorized leave of absence within the specified time or if not recalled from layoff within 24

months. However, if an employee resigns from the College and is re-hired within 6 months to a Classified bargaining unit position, previously earned seniority credits will be restored. If an employee is re-hired within 7 to 12 months to a Classified bargaining unit position, previously earned seniority credits will be reduced by one credit for each month gone.


23.7          When a Classified employee accepts a job in another employee category at the College, the employee's seniority units shall be "frozen". Upon return to a Classified bargaining unit job, the seniority units shall be restored.