Article 16




16.1          Paid Vacation Leave


16.11      Vacation Accrual


16.111        Full-time employees shall earn paid vacation leave each month according to the following schedule, excluding those pay periods in which the employee is not compensated for a minimum of 80 hours.


Completed Calendar Months of Service

Monthly Accrual Rate

Annual Accrual Rate and Days

0-24 (0 - 2 years)

6.67 hrs.

80 hrs. = 10 days

25-60 (+2 - 5 years)

8.00 hrs.

96 hrs. = 12 days

61-120 (+5 - 10 years)

11.34 hrs.

136 hrs.= 17 days

121-180 (+10 - 15 years)

14.67 hrs.

176 hrs.= 22 days

181 plus (+15 years)

16.67 hrs.

200 hrs.= 25 days


16.112        Part-time employees shall earn paid vacation leave each month according to the following schedule with the monthly accrual based on hours compensated for the payroll reporting period (excluding overtime).


Completed Calendar Months of Service


Hourly Accrual Factor

0-24 (0 - 2 years)


25-60 (+2 - 5 years)


61-120 (+5 - 10 years)


121-180 (+10 - 15 years)


181 plus (+15 years)



(To determine the monthly vacation accrual, multiply the hours worked during the payroll period by the hourly accrual factor that corresponds to the employee's Completed Months of Service.)


16.113        Employees shall earn paid vacation during the initial probationary period but such vacation shall not be taken or vested until the employee completes 6 months of active employment in one or more qualifying positions.


16.12      Calculation of Months of Service


16.121        Completed calendar months of service shall be calculated from the time the employee was placed into a bargaining unit job.

16.122        For part-time employees in the bargaining unit before July 1, 1990, completed months of service for the purposes of vacation accrual will be calculated from July 1, 1990.


16.13      The following guidelines shall be used for requesting scheduling and granting vacation leave:


16.131        Vacation leave will be scheduled by the employee in cooperation with his or her supervisor and shall be scheduled so as to prevent the loss of vacation time under Article 16.135. Vacation requests may be denied when they conflict with the needs of the College, provided those needs are explained in writing to the employee.


16.132        If two requests are received on the same day, the preference of the employee with greater seniority in the department shall have precedence over that of the employee with less seniority.


16.133        Once a vacation has been scheduled in writing, it shall be rescheduled only by the mutual consent of the employee and the supervisor. No rescheduling shall be made if it would deprive the employee of vacation leave under Article 16.135.


16.134        The employee's final check will include payment for any unused vacation.


16.135        Vacation time earned during the previous year must be taken before August 20 of the following year or it will be lost. Vacation that will be lost under this provision may be cashed out if efforts by the employee to schedule the leave have not been successful.


16.136      Emergency scheduling of vacation for up to three days of vacation in a fiscal year, paid from accrued vacation leave may be granted an employee upon timely written request.  Such time is for personal employee emergencies not covered by other paid leaves and shall be requested of the supervisor with as much advance notice as possible.


16.2          Holidays


16.21      Full-time employees shall be paid for 11 holidays for a maximum entitlement of 88 hours per year. These holidays are: Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, day before Christmas, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day and Memorial Day.  The actual dates of observance for all holidays shall be as designated by Management after consultation with the Federation.


16.211        In the event that Management requires that an employee work on a designated paid holiday, the employee shall be compensated in accordance with Article 15.82 in lieu of the holiday time off.


16.212        In the event that a designated paid holiday falls during a period of an employee's scheduled paid vacation leave, that holiday shall not be charged against vacation leave but shall be paid as a holiday. Full-time employees on alternative work schedules will be paid all hours that they would have been scheduled to work on a holiday. If the holiday falls on an employee's scheduled day off during a week the employee is scheduled to work, the employee shall be granted an alternate day off as scheduled by the Management supervisor in lieu of the holiday.  In no event will an employee on an alternative work schedule be paid for more than 88 hours of holiday pay in a year.  Once they have reached the 88 maximum, they must use

vacation, compensatory time or leave without pay for any additional designated holiday closures.


16.213        A full-time employee shall receive pay for a holiday unless the day immediately preceding or immediately following the holiday is taken as unpaid leave, provided that the employee has been compensated for at least 80 hours in the pay period in which the designated holiday occurs.


16.22         A part-time employee will be paid for all hours that they would have been scheduled to work on a holiday until the total number of holiday hours they have been paid reaches the pro-rated equivalency of 88 hours (based on the full-time equivalency ratio of the employee's position). If they have not received their pro-rated equivalency by June 20th, they will be paid for the difference unless they were on an unpaid leave when the designated holiday occurred.