Article 14


14.1          Management will maintain a job and salary classification system, conduct job studies as it deems appropriate, evaluate and/or re-evaluate Classified jobs according to its classification system and revise the classification system and related procedures as it deems necessary.


14.2          Class Description


14.21   The Human Resources Department shall provide each employee with a copy of the class description to which that employee's job has been assigned, at the time of job entry and in the event that the class description is revised or the employee's job is re-classified. Such

class description shall indicate the grade level placement for the job occupied by the employee.


14.3          Position Description


14.31   The supervisor shall provide a written position description to the employee and shall assign tasks specific to the employee's position. These tasks shall be consistent with the duties and responsibilities indicated in the class description. The supervisor and the employee shall review the class description and position description at least annually.


14.4          Classification Review


14.41      If an employee believes that his/her assigned tasks are inconsistent with the class description to which the job is assigned, the employee may file a request with the Human Resources Department for a classification review. Human Resources will process requests for job reclassifications within a job family in an expedited manner, and will provide an initial decision (before appeals) within 90 days provided both the employee and their manager have agreed that the employee is taking on the different responsibilities. The College and the Federation agree to review the status of all bargaining unit classification reviews monthly in Contract Administration Meetings.


14.42      Unassigned Tasks: In no case shall the College be required to pay back pay for extra duties assumed by the employee and not assigned by Management.


14.43      Classification Review Appeals Procedure. An employee may appeal the decision regarding the classification review of her/his job. The procedures used to appeal classification and grade level decisions shall allow for Federation representation at the employee's request and shall include the following steps:


14.431    The employee may appeal the classification review decision to the Classification Appeals Committee (CAC). The employee’s appeal must be submitted within 15 working days of the date on the written notification to the employee of the classification review decision. The appeal request must be in writing and shall specify the job classification proposed and the basis or justification for the proposal. The CAC shall have no authority to consider appeals which do not meet this requirement. The employee shall provide seven Copies of the appeal and all supporting documents.


14.432    The CAC shall meet to consider the appeal within 30 working days of receipt of the appeal, unless an extension is agreed to by the parties. The authority of the CAC shall be limited to one of the following decisions:


a.             That the job is appropriately classified; or


b.            That the job is not appropriately classified, and which existing classification is more appropriate.


The CAC shall issue a written decision within ten working days after meeting to consider the appeal. Copies of the decision shall be provided to the employee, the Federation and Human Resources. The decision of the CAC shall be final and binding on the parties.


c.             If the CAC determines that no existing job classification is appropriate, the CAC may recommend that a new classification be created.


The recommendation shall be issued in writing to the Director of Human Resources within 10 working days after meeting to consider the appeal. The

recommendation shall include the reasons why the CAC believes that neither option a) or b) above are appropriate and what specific responsibilities of the job warrant that a new classification should be created.


The Chair of the CAC may request a meeting with The Director of Human Resources to explain the CAC’s recommendation. The meeting will occur within 10 working days of the request. The decision of the Director of Human Resources as to whether or not a new classification will be created shall be

issued within 10 working days of this meeting. If a meeting is not requested, the decision shall be issued within 10 working days of receiving the CAC’s recommendation. The decision of the Director of Human Resources shall be final and binding on the parties.


Copies of the decision shall be provided to the employee, the Federation and Human Resources at each step of the process.


14.5          Grade Level Placement


14.51      Changes in the grade level of existing job classifications shall only occur as a result of selective grade level adjustments through negotiation of a successor agreement, a re-opener agreement for the purpose of negotiating grade level adjustments, or following appropriate notice to the Federation of a recommendation by Human Resources to implement such a change. In the event Human Resources recommends a change to the grade level of an existing classification, or recommends a grade level for a new classification, Human Resources shall notify the Federation of its findings and recommendation in writing. Within fourteen calendar days of receipt of such notice, the Federation may file a written demand to bargain over the recommended grade level in accordance with ORS 243.698. The College may implement the recommended placements pending the outcome of the bargaining process.  Grade level changes are not subject to appeal.


14.52      An employee whose grade level is changed as a result of a classification review will have his/her salary adjusted in accordance with Article 15.6. Grade level changes as a result of bargaining will be implemented according to the terms agreed upon by the parties in reaching a settlement.