Article 13



13.1          Initial Probationary Period


13.11      Each new employee hired to a Classified job shall be placed on probationary status beginning the date the employee starts to work. The probationary period shall be 12 months for all employees. This probationary period may be extended for a period of time equal to any paid or unpaid leaves of absences, except as provided in 13.21. The probationary period may also be extended if the employee’s position has been identified as a potential placement option for a laid off employee in accordance with Article 22.4


13.12      Not later than the end of the third month of the probationary period, the supervisor will meet with the employee and discuss the employee's performance with particular emphasis on any areas of deficiency that might prevent satisfactory completion of the probationary period. This conference will be documented by a written memorandum which shall be signed by both the employee and the supervisor and placed in the employee's personnel file.


13.13      If at any time during the probationary period the employee fails to satisfactorily perform in her/his job, the employee shall be terminated forthwith without recourse to the grievance procedure.


13.14      Employees on initial probation and moving to a new job must serve either a six month probationary period or the amount of time remaining on their initial probation, whichever is greater.


13.2          Probationary Period Upon Hire to Any New Job


13.21      To facilitate opportunities for employees to explore career opportunities at the College, supervisors will consider granting an employee a leave of absence from her/his current job in order to accept another position at the College. The leave of absence will not exceed the length of the probationary period.


13.22      The employee shall serve a six month probationary period in the new job. Once the probationary period has been successfully completed the employee shall receive their annual salary increase in accordance with Article 15.5.


13.23      Should an employee fail to successfully complete the probationary period in the new job, the employee shall revert either to the employee's former job (except for employees on initial probation), if it has not been filled, or to an equivalent vacant job for which the employee is qualified at not less than the rate of pay the employee would have realized had the job change not occurred.  Should such placement not be possible or another job not be vacant, the provisions of Article 22 shall apply.

13.24      Any employee in a job which has been re-classified shall not serve a probationary period under the provisions of Article 13.22.


13.3          Employee Performance Assessment


13.31      Assessments shall occur at the conclusion of any probation period and on an annual basis for the first three years of employment, and every three years thereafter. The employee or supervisor may request an additional assessment at any time.


13.32      The purpose of the assessment is to provide an employee feedback concerning job performance and to assure the College community excellence in the delivery of service by Classified employees. Assessments will be documented in writing and a copy will be placed in the official employee file.


13.33      Assessment will include Goals, jointly developed by the supervisor and the employee and a performance assessment. It may also include related responsibilities; staff and/or developmental activities, maintenance of certification and/or licensure and/or upgrading skills to keep pace with changing technology and/or knowledge.


Assessments will include the supervisor's review and the employee's self-assessment. They may also include peer, faculty, student or other observations if both the supervisor and the employee agree.


13.34      Annual Review of Workload, Job Class Description and Position Description and Goals. As a part of the performance assessment process, the employee and the supervisor will conduct an annual review of the class description and position description required in Article 14.3 of this Agreement to evaluate whether any significant changes in the employee's job duties have occurred which might warrant a reclassification review. The employee and the supervisor shall also review the employee's workload at that time. If workload issues are mutually identified, the supervisor will develop a plan to address such issues. Such a plan might include but not be limited to job redesign, process analysis, staffing analysis and training.  The employee will also submit a brief written report to the supervisor, summarizing the progress made toward completion of the Goals.


13.35      The employee and supervisor will meet to review and discuss the written assessment report. Both shall sign the written document which will be placed in the official employee file in the Human Resources Department. A copy will be provided to the employee at the time the employee signs the assessment.


13.36      An employee may file a response to a performance assessment within ten working days of signing the assessment. The response shall be filed in the official employee file along with the assessment.