Article 12



12.1          A temporary employee is one for whom there is no expectation of continuing employment beyond the completion of the current job assignment. (For temporary assignments of permanent employees, see Article 11.3.)


12.2          A temporary employee shall serve an initial probationary period in accordance with Article 13.1.


12.3          A temporary employee may not be retained in the same job for longer than two years except for temporary employees hired to jobs in projects under separate funding.


12.4          The temporary employee who was selected for a temporary job through the College's competitive hiring procedures may be retained in the job if the job becomes a permanent job. Otherwise, the temporary employee must apply for the job as provided in current College Personnel Procedures and Article 11.1 of this Agreement.


12.5          Temporary employees do not have any rights to a permanent job except as noted in Article 12.4.


12.6          The employment of staff who have less than 3 years of seniority and who work in projects funded by grants or contracts (i.e. 4-funds) is subject to termination or reduction in hours at any time that funding for the program is reduced or terminated, without recourse under the provisions of this Agreement, and without further payment by the College.


Layoff may also occur when Management decides to eliminate the position or reduce the hours of staff who have less than 3 years of seniority for reorganization purposes or when the focus of the grant or contract is revised. Layoffs shall not be for disciplinary reasons.  The affected employee and the Federation shall receive 60 calendar days written notice of layoff. Within the notice period, the employee shall be placed in any vacant position in the same grade level or lower within the employee's program provided the employee meets the minimum qualifications.  The affected

employee shall have no other recourse under provisions of this Agreement and no further payment by the College.


Staff who work in the Auxiliary Services departments that operate under their own budget (e.g., food services, print center, etc.) are not temporary employees.


Employees in the same job class and level will be separated from employment within the individual grant or contract on the basis of seniority.


12.7          In emergency situations (i.e. early return of a permanent employee to the job), temporary employees may be dismissed prior to the end of the job assignment without review under the terms of this Agreement. Otherwise, dismissal prior to the end of the job assignment will be processed according to the provisions of Article 21, except as noted in Article 12.6.